Nicholas Tolwinski

Science (Life Sciences)

Associate Professor


Nicholas Tolwinski is an Associate Professor at Yale-NUS College and the Department of Biological Sciences at NUS. He received a PhD from Princeton University in Molecular Biology in 2004. After completing his PhD, he became the first Frank A Howard Scholar in the Developmental Biology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. His laboratory specialises in analysing the early embryonic development of Drosophila. His research focuses on modeling systems of signal transduction organising groups of cells into tissues through novel microscopy techniques. The laboratory’s primary focus is on Wnt signaling in development and aging.

Signal transduction, cell polarity, imaging, development and aging.

Coupling optogenetics and light-sheet microscopy, a method to study Wnt signaling during embryogenesis
P Kaur, TE Saunders, NS Tolwinski

Modeling the Role of Wnt Signaling in Human and Drosophila Stem Cells
P Kaur, HJ Jin, JB Lusk, NS Tolwinski

Epidermal growth factor pathway signaling in Drosophila embryogenesis: tools for understanding cancer
JB Lusk, VYM Lam, NS Tolwinski

Developmental drift and the role of wnt signaling in aging
J Gruber, Z Yee, NS Tolwinski

Ptk7 and Mcc, unfancied components in non-canonical wnt signaling and cancer
NR Dunn, NS Tolwinski

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