Naila Maya Shofia

Social Sciences (Political and Development Economics)

Visiting Assistant Professor


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Naila Shofia is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Division of Social Sciences at Yale-NUS College. Originally from a small town on the north coast of Java Indonesia, she has travelled extensively in Asia and Europe, mostly for studies and work. Her research projects have received generous funding from the Roberto Franceschi Foundation, the LEAP-Bocconi, and J-PAL SouthEast Asia. She is honoured to receive the UniCredit Economics Best Job Market Paper Award during her attendance at the European Job Market for Economist in December 2020.

She recently graduated from the PhD programme in Public Policy at Bocconi University Milan, and also holds master’s degrees from the National University of Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy and The London School of Economics and Political Science.

Her research field is in the intersection between economic development and political economy with particular emphasis on understanding how culture, religion, and social identity influence economic and political outcomes.

Gender and the politics of death: female representation, political and development context, and population health in a cross-national panel. Demography. 2018. 55(5). pp 1905–1934 (joint with Ross Macmillan and Wendy Sigle)

Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on food security and diet-related lifestyle behaviors: an analytical study of Google Trends-based query volumes. Nutrients. 2020. 12(3103) (joint with Noor Rohmah Mayasari, Dang Khanh Ngan Ho, David J Lundy, Anatoly V Skalny, Alexey A Tinkov, I-Chun Teng, Meng-Chieh Wu, Amelia Faradina, Afrah Zaki Mahdi Mohammed, Ji Min Park, Ngu Yi Jing, Sabrina Aliné, and Jung-Su Chang)

Modern Social Thought
Public Economics
The Political Economy of Public Policy