David Andrew Smith

Science (Mathematics)

Assistant Professor

Email: dave.smith@yale-nus.edu.sg
Website: http://www.dasmithmaths.net/

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Dr David Smith received his Master’s degree in Mathematics from University of York, United Kingdom, in 2007 and his PhD from University of Reading in 2011. Before joining Yale-NUS College in 2016, he held postdoctoral fellowships at University of Michigan, University of Cincinnati and University of Crete.

Spectral theory of non-self-adjoint two-point differential operators.
Well-posedness of initial-boundary value problems for linear partial differential equations.
Complex boundary conditions.
Solution representations for initial-boundary value problems.
Long-time and semiclassical asymptotics of initial-boundary value problems for linear and nonlinear evolution equations

With E. Kesici, B. Pelloni, T. Pryer, A numerical implementation of the unified Fokas transform for evolution problems on a finite interval, Euro, J. Appl. Math. (in press 2017), arXiv:1610.04509 [math.NA]

With N Sheils and B Deconinck, The Linear KdV Equation with an Interface Comm. Math. Phys. 347 2 (2016), 489-509 arXiv:1508.03596 [math.AP].

With A S Fokas, Evolution PDEs and augmented eigenfunctions. Finite interval, Adv. Diff. Eq. 21 7/8 (2016) 735–766 arXiv:1303.2205 [math.SP].

With B Pelloni, Evolution PDEs and augmented eigenfunctions. Half-line, J. Spectr. Theory 6 1 (2016) 185–213 arXiv:1408.3657 [math.AP].

With N Sheils, The heat equation on a network using the Fokas method, J. Phys. A 48 33 (2015), 335001 arXiv:1503.05228 [math.AP].

The unified transform method for linear initial-boundary value problems: a spectral interpretation, Unified transform method for boundary value problems: applications and advances, (B Pelloni and A S Fokas (Eds.)), SIAM (2015) arXiv:1408.3659 [math.SP].

With B Pelloni, Spectral theory of some non-selfadjoint linear differential operators, Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond. Ser. A 469 (2013), 20130019 arXiv:1205.4567v2 [math.SP].

Well-posed two-point initial-boundary value problems with arbitrary boundary conditions, Math. Proc. Cambridge Philos. Soc. 152 (2012), 473–496 arXiv:1104.5571v2 [math.AP].

Ordinary & Partial Differential Equations
Applied Calculus
Ordinary Differential Equations
Linear Systems & Ordinary Differential Equations