Yale-NUS Open Day 2017

9 December 2017

Experience our innovative curriculum through sample classes, view our Residential Colleges campus, student suites and butteries, and chat with Admissions staff and students to find out why the Yale-NUS experience is like no other.

If you are driving:

We strongly encourage you to take public transport as private cars will have limited access on the day of the event. If you do drive, limited parking spaces are available on campus as well as at the Clementi Casa HDB carpark across Clementi Road. If you park at Clementi Casa, take the overhead bridge and enter Yale-NUS College via the Clementi Road entrance. Refer to the map here.

If you are coming by bus:

Public buses number 33, 96, 151, 151e, 183 & 196 stop just outside the Yale-NUS College campus. Refer to the map attached.

If you are coming by MRT:

NUS shuttle buses will loop between Dover MRT stations Yale-NUS from 9:45AM- 4:15PM.

If you are coming by taxi:

Direct your taxi to 16 College Avenue West and be dropped off outside the Oculus, our fountain at our main roundabout.

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