Youthful passion for sustainable fashion, The Straits Times, 3 April 2020

The Straits Times (ST) featured youth groups and individuals championing sustainable fashion ahead of the annual Earth Day on 22 April. The article focused on two student-led initiatives by Yale-NUS students. First, Man’s Best Friend (MBF), stain-proof shorts created by a group of friends from Yale-NUS College as a means to eliminate fast-fashion waste, which has since fulfilled its first batch of orders to the public. Second, Yale-NUS student Tammy Gan (Class of 2021)’s efforts to harness social media to talk about her passion for the environment. When selecting her major at the end of her second year of university, Tammy ended up choosing environmental studies over her initial plan of literature and psychology, to develop her understanding of the environmental crisis in a more rigorous manner. She was later part of a student-led initiative that organised the setting up of thrift stores on campus.

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