Yale-NUS undergraduates part of team that finds two theoretical physics models to be equivalent, Phys.org, 28 January 2018

EurekAlert carried a press release announcing that two Yale-NUS College undergraduates, Silvia Lara and Lai Ying Tong (both from the Class of 2018), were part of a team that found two different theoretical models of magnetoresistance equivalent. Magnetoresistance is a physical phenomenon where the electrical resistivity of a material changes when subjected to a magnetic field. After implementing the two different mathematical models of magnetoresistance as computer simulations, the research team found that the two models produced similar results under identical conditions. The discovery could have implications for future research into magnetoresistance and its practical applications in a wide range of electronic devices, ranging from automobile collision warnings to traffic light burnout detection. The research was published in the peer-reviewed journal Physical Review B in December 2017, and Silvia and Ying Tong presented their results at international conferences in 2016 and 2017. The press release was also carried by EurekAlert! and Bright Surf.

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