Yale-NUS double degree in liberal arts and law programme helps graduates gain broader perspective, Lianhe Zaobao, 4 June 2018

Lianhe Zaobao carried an article on the Yale-NUS Graduation 2018, which focused on the inaugural batch of graduands from the Double Degree in Law and Liberal Arts programme (DDP).

LHZB interviewed two of the inaugural DDP graduands, Christopher Khew and Amelia Chew. Christopher did a summer programme in Beijing, which piqued his interest in China and Chinese culture. He went on to take a course in Confucianism in Yale-NUS, followed by a capstone project on Confucianism and democracy. Christopher felt his liberal arts and law education have broadened his perspectives, and enabled him to better understand how the study of law, together with an understanding of its sociological impact, could improve society. He added that he initially felt some stress adjusting to the curriculum at the Faculty of Law during his second year, as he was used to the seminar-style classes at Yale-NUS. After graduating, he will join the law firm, Lee & Lee, as part of his training contract.

Amelia will be joining legal technology firm Luminance after graduating, taking on a business development role. Amelia shared that the interdisciplinary curriculum offered at Yale-NUS College attracted her to enrol in the double degree programme. Her liberal arts education helped her develop a broad-based perspective to studying law, which in turn widen her opportunities in terms of career options.

LHZB also noted that this is the first year that Yale-NUS is offering the Yale-NUS Overseas Graduate Scholarship, an award offered to Singaporean Yale-NUS graduates pursuing a PhD at top ranked international graduate programmes.


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