Yale-NUS College, Surbana Jurong collaborate on Smart City in a Campus, Berita Harian, 17 November 2017

Berita Harian reported that Yale-NUS College and Surbana Jurong will work together to test-bed smart city solutions within the Yale-NUS Campus. Both parties will use their expertise and respective resources to develop a digital plan for “Smart City in a campus”, an initiative by the College. The College and Surbana Jurong signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at the College, witnessed by Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry Dr Koh Poh Koon.

Through the collaboration, the two parties will share knowledge as well as test and refine innovative technology. For example, Surbana Jurong will test-bed its smart city solutions by implementing a lift monitoring system in the college to improve residential living facilities. Yale-NUS students and staff will play an active role in improving the prototypes together with Surbana Jurong. The collaboration aims to enrich the unique living and learning model at Yale-NUS, which at the same time, provides an ideal environment to test-bed Surbana Jurong’s technology solutions. President Tan Tai Yong noted that Yale-NUS students are curious and they will be able to help add value and better refine the prototypes tested. He also noted that Yale-NUS faculty members are well placed to contribute their research expertise to the smart city research projects. Mr Wong Heang Fine, Group CEO of Surbana Jurong hopes that this collaboration will lead to the robust creation of innovative ideas for the next generation of smart city solution.


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