Yale-NUS College scientists find bisulphates that curb efficacy of diesel engine catalysts, Scienmag, 22 April 2020

Scienmag reported on a study by Yale-NUS researchers, in collaboration with scientists in Sweden which will be published in the July 2020 volume of Applied Catalysis B: Environmental. Yale-NUS College postdoctoral fellows Susanna Liljegren Bergman and Vitaly Mesilov, undergraduate researcher Xiao Yang (Class of 2021), and Professor of Science (Chemistry) Steven Bernasek found that bisulphate species in the exhaust stream are strongly connected to decreasing the effectiveness of exhaust remediation catalysts in diesel engines. Their findings pave the way for synthesising more sulphur-tolerant catalysts and developing regeneration strategies for catalyst systems on diesel-powered freight vehicles. This could lead to lower emission of highly toxic nitrogen oxides from diesel engines, hence reducing pollution.

The study was also reported in other publications such as Phys Org, Biofuels Digest, Scigog Magazine and Science Codex.

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