Yale-NUS College Again Taps Hakuhodo Singapore for Admissions Campaign, Branding in Asia Magazine, 17 January 2018

Branding in Asia, a news magazine which focuses on the business of marketing and advertising, announced that Yale-NUS College has selected Hakuhodo Singapore as its collaborative partner for the College Admissions Campaign 2018. Hakuhodo previously collaborated with the College in designing the Yale-NUS College mascot, Halcyon the kingfisher. Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid Laura Severin was quoted as saying that Hakuhodo had a clear understanding of the College’s strengths and the unique challenges it faced as a young learning institution, and that they were able to address the College’s concerns strategically and creatively. The new Yale-NUS Admissions Campaign will be launched in phases within the year

Public Affairs worked with Admissions and Financial Aid to provide inputs for this press release. A similar story was also published in Campaign Brief Asia.

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