Work on shy kids’ social skills, not just their poor vocabulary, The Straits Times, 21 September 2017

The Straits Times (ST) reported on the study published by Yale-NUS Assistant Professor of Social Sciences (Psychology) Cheung Hoi Shan, which found that if a shy child was equipped with “high-functioning social communication skills”, poor vocabulary of the child would not have significant impact on how well-liked he is by his peers. Hence, parents of shy children should focus on developing their kids’ social communication skills, instead of just their vocabulary, to help them make more friends. ST noted that Dr Cheung wrote a paper about the study with Associate Professor John Elliott from the National University of Singapore, and it was published in June in the British Journal of Developmental Psychology. The article carried comments from pre-school educators and parents who agreed with the research findings.  Other news sources including Asian Scientist, EurekAlert!, Science Daily, Medical XpressPsychCentral, and Carlisle Wellness Network also carried similar reports.


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