Viewpoint: Meeting automation head-on, Mount Desert Islander, 20 July 2018

Mount Desert Islander carried a commentary by Yale-NUS Director of the Centre for Teaching & Learning and Senior Lecturer of Social Sciences (Global Affairs) Nancy Gleason on education and changes in the job market in the face of increasing automation. She highlighted that resilience and creativity are two key skills for this emerging shift in how we live and work. The jobs that are emerging demand skills unlike those in which Americans have traditionally been trained. Hence, the US education system, especially higher education, needs to adapt. She opined that the US, compared to other nations, is now playing catch up and it is up to state and city leaders to collaborate with industry and higher education to push the public discourse and actions forward. The paper also noted on 23 Jul that Dr Gleason will be giving a talk on 25 July at the Northeast Harbor Library. Her new book “Higher Education in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution” addresses trends in liberal arts integration of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) innovations, the changing role of libraries in the digital age, global trends in youth mobility and the development of lifelong learning programmes.

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