The couples rethinking kids because of climate change, BBC, 2 October 2019

Assistant Professor of Social Sciences (Environmental Studies) Matthew Schneider-Mayerson was quoted in a BBC article that looked at how couples are rethinking having children because of climate change. Asst Prof Schneider-Mayerson’s research which involved a detailed survey of 901 adults around the world, aged 27 to 60, who said they were “connecting climate change to their reproductive choices” was cited in the article.

Asst Prof Schneider-Mayerson also noted that there is a growing concern amongst young, climate concerned people. “While concerns about the carbon footprint of procreation tend to be abstract, anxiety about children being able to lead a good life in a climate-changed future is extremely emotional and deep,” he said.

Asst Prof Schneider-Mayerson comments also appeared in websites such as Pulso Diario de San Luis.


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