Singapore’s climate change dilemma: elevate or leave. What are the solutions?, South China Morning Post, 25 August 2019

South China Morning Post and MSN News published an article on how the rising seas are the biggest threat to Singapore in the short term as one-third of Singapore’s land is less than 5m above sea level. In his annual National Day address, Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong floated a number of solutions Singapore could adopt to address global warming and his push to tackle the problem has struck a chord with many Singaporeans. Environment experts suggests that Singapore should consider to reclaim, fortify and build new islands like the Maldives and welcomed the idea of construction of polders where pieces of low-lying land are reclaimed with the protection of dykes. Yale-NUS Assistant Professor of Social Sciences (Environmental Studies) Marvin Montefrio commented that while it is good that Singapore is accepting the inevitability of climate change, the country also needs to think about mitigation as well as adaptation. Otherwise, adaptation solutions may just end up futile in the future.

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