Responding to the rise of extremist populism, OUP Blog, 5 February 2018

Lecturer of Social Sciences (Political Science) Benjamin A Schupmann contributed an op-ed in the Oxford University Press’s (OUP) blog on how people respond to the rise of extremist populism. Dr Schupmann recently authored Carl Schmitt’s State and Constitutional Theory: A Critical Analysis, which was published by OUP. Dr Schupmann noted the rise of extremist populism in recent years and how that places liberal democracy in an awkward position. In discussing the dilemma, he concluded that “liberal democrats must accept the outcome of democratic procedures, no matter how undesirable it may be”. On the notion of constrained democracy, Dr Schupmann noted that Schmitt had argued that basic liberty rights and other liberal constitutional values must be understood as amendment-proof constitutive commitments of the state. Since the possibility of extremist populist movements seeking to dismantle liberal democratic states is embedded in the nature of democracy itself, constrained democracy provides an invaluable theoretical framework to prevent such movements from legally subverting liberal democracy.

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