Morning Express 晨光第一线 , Channel 8, 13 May 2019

Students Yeo Jing Ying (Class of 2022), Izzah Haziqah (Class of 2020), and Rayner Ng (Class of 2022) were interviewed on the 13 May edition of Channel 8’s Morning Express programme (view from 13:53 to 15:30) on a flea market event held on campus on 2 May. Jing Ying, one of the organisers of the flea market, explained that she had to purchase many items when moving into college, and she hoped that the flea market would enable new students to buy these items from seniors who no longer needed them. Izzah was glad that she was able to earn some money from her unneeded items, and Rayner – who bought a science book – expressed his desire to donate or sell his own used books to facilitate the exchange of ideas.

The flea market, spearheaded by I’dECO with the support of the Dean of Students Office, Infrastructure, Safety, & Security, the Residential College offices and the Student Government, facilitated the buying and selling of second-hand clothes, books, and other items between students.


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