Insight 2019/2020 – EP28 US-Taiwan Strategic Gamble, CNA, 7 November 2019

CNA‘s current affairs programme Insight aired an episode titled ‘US-Taiwan Strategic Gamble’, which talked about how ties between the United States and China have gone from bad to worse, following recent moves by the Trump administration to approve arms sales to Taiwan worth billions of dollars. CNA interviewed experts on their views, including Assistant Professor of Social Sciences (Political Science) Chin-Hao Huang. Asst Prof Huang gave an explanation on the US’ relations in the Pacific, and discussed US-Taiwan relations in light of the growing tension between the US and China.

Asst Prof Huang’s interview can be heard at 2:15, 8:20, 21:14, 26:55, 33:26, 36:55, 42;27, 45:16.


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