If we don’t act now, the largest animal alive in 200 years will be the domestic cow, Wired.co.uk, 19 April 2018

Wired UK, a magazine focused on science and technology, carried an article that discussed how fossil records were showing a rapid mass extinction of some of the Earth’s super-sized creatures and how existing ones might also be shrinking in size. According to a study, human migrations and activities across the continents over thousands of years ago have not only caused the extinction of many species but also the average size of animals to shrink drastically over the years. Another study argues that the size of animals decreases as global temperatures increases but there is insufficient evidence to indicate the strong link between temperature and size of animals for all species.

The article noted Yale-NUS College Assistant Professor of Science (Environmental Studies) Jennifer Sheridan as saying that the search for the link between animal size and temperature should not stop because as “if animals get smaller at different rates, then this could send ecosystems out of kilter as temperatures increase”. She added that there are many unknowns on the percentage of organisms that will continue to get smaller and it is important to consider all factors because it could impact the balance of ecosystems.


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