Happiness and activism in the Anthropocene, Planet Forward, 9 January 2018

Planet Forward, a project of the Center for Innovative Media at the George Washington University, published an interview by student Alaine Johnson (Class of 2018) with Assistant Professor of Social Sciences (Environmental Studies) Matthew Schneider-Mayerson on how literature, science fiction, and activism can transform the uncertainties of this dangerous era. Dr Schneider-Mayerson spoke about his journey in higher education, how he was heavily involved in social justice movements since he was in college and his current work in the emerging field of energy humanities. On the study of environmental literature, he said that he is most interested in its cultural and political aspects. Currently, Dr Schneider-Mayerson is doing some research on what happiness should mean in the time of climate change. Since happiness is the ultimate goal of life for a lot of people, he believes that it is worth looking at as one potential battlefront for facing climate change and other issues.

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