Five new species of frogs identified in museum collections,, 20 March 2018

Various science news outlets published the Yale-NUS press release on the discovery of five previously miscategorised frog species. Reports noted that researchers from Yale-NUS College and the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences have discovered five new species of Southeast Asian frogs from a group of museum specimens that was believed to only contain two species. To distinguish the five new species from the original two, they examined almost 400 frogs from 11 natural history museum collections and sequenced five genes from close to 350 individuals. This research by lead author Yale-NUS College Assistant Professor of Science (Environmental Studies) Jennifer Sheridan and her co-author Dr Bryan Stuart, Research Curator of Herpetology at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, was recently published in the peer-reviewed open access journal PLOS ONE.

The article was also carried in Scienmag and Bright Surf.

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