Education in Colombia is still very stratified, El Tiempo, 4 September 2018

El Tiempo featured Sebastián Cortés (Class of 2018) who participated in the seventh edition of the Learners’ Voice, a programme of the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) that brings together 20 youths from 17 countries. During his time at Yale-NUS College, he was given opportunities to experience education related projects. He taught English in Thailand for two months and completed a photography project with the underprivileged community in Bogotá and Quito. The College introduced him to the Learners’ Voice Programme where he had the opportunity to attend workshops to discuss refugee issues, education in emergency situations, communication and leadership skills, as well as the opportunity to learn from the Qatar Foundation where he participated in hackathons. Sebastian aims to become a leader in the education sector in Latin America and he hopes to design educational programmes where people can empower themselves.

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