Commentary: Timely to review our opt-out organ donation policy, Channel NewsAsia, 17 October 2017

Yale-NUS Assistant Professor of Social Sciences Jean Liu wrote a commentary for Channel NewsAsia, which explored the successes and challenges of an opt-out system for organ transplants. Despite significant progress since the Human Organ Transplant Act (HOTA) was passed, Singapore continued to face a severe organ shortage that prevented individuals with organ failure from receiving an organ transplant. Dr Liu opined that it was timely to review the successes and limitations of HOTA, noting that the current system, which presumed consent, had institutionalised reciprocity and increased the pool of donors. However, despite significant progress, the wait for an actual organ transplant remained long in Singapore. One reason for this discrepancy might be controversy over HOTA’s presumed consent system as some families viewed the position of default consent as invalid and donation under HOTA amounting to a violation of their deceased relative’s will.


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