Commentary: The wrangling over rest days foreign domestic workers and their employers face in Phase 2, CNA, 23 June 2020

CNA carried a commentary by Associate Professor of Social Sciences (Sociology and Public Policy) Anju Mary Paul on the rules concerning foreign domestic workers (FDWs) on their rest days as Singapore moves to Phase 2 of the post-circuit breaker reopening. Assoc Prof Paul noted that the new rules of encouraging FDWs to stay at home during their rest day could give employers leeway to impose harsh restrictions on their FDWs’ movements and freedom. She proposed some concrete steps that can reduce the stress and strain FDWs face, which include policy actions the Government can take to improve the legal protections for FDWs. She also suggested that individual employers can improve the work environment for their own FDWs by having open conversations to strengthen mutual understanding and support, and ensure they have access to a phone or internet so that they can communicate with loved ones.

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