China builds up troop numbers close to Indian border flashpoint as soldiers prepare for first winter near Doklam, South China Morning Post, 14 December 2017

The South China Morning Post reported that China has started to build its military presence near the Doklam plateau, which was the site of a protracted stand-off early this year between China and India. The Post noted that analysts have observed the development would allow China to tighten control of its borders and prepare for any potential problems in the region. Yale-NUS College Assistant Professor of Social Sciences Rohan Mukherjee commented that as India was dominant in the region in terms of military developments, it was necessary from China’s perspective to send reinforcements so that a balance could be formed. Dr Mukherjee was quoted saying, “one would hope that both sides have learned the importance of diplomacy as a first resort since the last incident, but one cannot rule out a response from India similar to the previous one.”

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