Chili crab, human activity and the environment – a Singapore book by youths explores their links and more, TODAY, 25 May 2020

TODAY reported on new book edited by Assistant Professor of Social Sciences (Environmental Studies) Matthew Schneider-Mayerson, titled Eating Chilli Crab In The Anthropocene that will be released on 27 June 2020. Publisher Ethos Books said that it is the first “to examine contemporary Singapore from an ecocultural lens, looking at the ways that Singaporean life and culture is deeply entangled with the nonhuman lives that flourish all around us”. Asst Prof Schneider-Mayerson explained that part of the book’s goal is to help Singaporeans think about the ways in which the environment is not “something distant and irrelevant” to their daily lives, but is something that they are already deeply entangled with. He added that the ongoing pandemic is related to familiar environmental issues and pointed out how scientists have shown that deforestation, factory farming, and climate change “make pandemics worse and more likely”.

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