Child of mixed heritage learns Teochew opera as part of her university research paper, Lianhe Wanbao, 24 January 2018

Yale-NUS student Jamie Buitelaar (Class of 2018) was featured in Lianhe Wanbao and a video on Lianhe Zaobao. For her capstone project, Jamie decided on focus on Teochew opera as she realised that it was slowly declining in Singapore. She was keen to explore the impact of this decline on people who grew up watching Teochew opera. Hence, she approached the Nam Hwa Opera, an amateur music and drama association, to learn Teochew opera as part of her research. A non-Teochew speaker, she had to learn the words of the opera phonetically. Jamie noted that Toechew opera was not just a beautiful artform on its own merit, it also represented the beauty of the Teochew heritage.

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