Changing society through eco books, The Straits Times, 23 June 2020

The Straits Times carried an article on a new book by Assistant Professor of Social Sciences (Environmental Studies) Matthew Schneider-Mayerson. The essay collection, Eating Chilli Crab in The Anthropocene, features pieces by Asst Prof Schneider-Mayerson’s students including Fu Xiyao (Class of 2021), Yogesh Tulsi (Class of 2020), Aidan Mock (Class of 2020) and Neo Xiaoyun (Class of 2019).

In its pages, 13 authors take fresh environmental perspectives from unlikely local subjects and fashion. Asst Prof Schneider-Mayerson shared that a partial goal of the book is to help Singaporeans think about the environment as something that they are already deeply involved in and affected by instead of something that is distant or unimportant.

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