Catalonia Independence Referendum, Channel 8, 13 October 2017

Dean of International & Professional Experience and Senior Lecturer of Social Sciences (Political Science) Trisha Craig was interviewed on Channel 8’s programme, Focus, which looked in-depth at the Catalonia Independence Referendum and the impact that Catalonia leaving Spain would have on the European Union. Dr Craig noted that voter representation was only about 43% and that polls showed that the number of people who wanted independence for Catalonia decreased over the months since July. Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy vowed to use any means to stop the referendum, which the government considered constitutionally illegal, including suspending the region’s autonomy. Dr Craig shared that this would be considered the “nuclear option” which had never been used in Spain. She called the move “extreme”, noting that this could end up pushing people towards the side of independence. She shared that while the acute phase of the issue had paused when Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont placed the declaration of independence on hold, the issue was not going away. Dr Craig also discussed the financial implications for Catalonia and Spain as well as the relationship they would have with the European Union.


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