Best of both worlds, The Straits Times, Scholars’ Choice III, 3 March 2014

Ms Maria Ivenenko, recipient of the Yale-NUS Community Scholarship, and Mr Dylan Ho Xian Zheng, recipient of the Yale-NUS Dean Scholarship, chose to study at Yale-NUS College for its holistic and broad-based approach to education.

Pursuing her degree at Yale-NUS College gave Ms Maria Ivanenko the chance to live in Asia and to be educated under the American university system. Ms Ivanenko said that the American university education model is less focused on examinations and test, but places more emphasis on a holistic style of learning such as essays and projects.

Mr Dylan Ho, also pursuing a liberal arts degree, appreciates the emphasis on overseas experiences. He went on a week-long trip to Banda Aceh, Indonesia, to see how the people had recovered from the 2004 tsunami. Overseas study trips, including attachments and the unique blend of East-meets-West curriculum at Yale-NUS College are some reasons why Mr Ho decided to study locally.