Beetles’ Shiny Shells For Camouflage, Not Display , Asian Scientist, 20 December 2017

Asian Scientist carried an article on Postdoctoral Fellow Eunice Tan’s research on beetle colouration. Dr Tan and her colleagues from Australia and Spain discovered that bright colour patterns of beetles are not a warning signal to predators as previously believed, but actually a form of camouflage. They made this discovery after examining 51 species of Australian leaf beetles in their natural habitats, and they discovered that each beetle’s colour pattern is similar to the host plants that the beetle lives on, suggesting that those conspicuous colours help the beetle blend in with the plants it inhabits. Dr Tan’s study was recently published as an open-access article in the peer-reviewed journal Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution.

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EurekaAlert and Lianhe Wanbao carried similar reports.