An Interview with Philosopher Robin Zheng, The Philosopher’s Eye, 21 June 2018

The Philosopher’s Eye, a philosophy blog, interviewed Assistant Professor of Humanities (Philosophy) Robin Zheng who spoke about her work and her recent article ‘Precarity is a Feminist Issue: Gender and Contingent Labor in the Academy’.

In the interview, Dr Zheng shared about her work at Yale-NUS, where she taught in “a mandatory year-long team-taught course on Philosophy and Political Thought (PPT), covering 1/3 Chinese, 1/3 Indian, and 1/3 Western traditions of thought from antiquity to modernity”. She noted that working through PPT was very challenging for everyone involved, both teachers and students, but it was also extremely rewarding as it opened doors into new areas and ways of doing philosophy for her. She added that she felt a strong sense of collective commitment amongst students, staff, and faculty to each put forward their best in pursuing a vision of what a liberal arts education was meant to be.


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