An insight into Singapore’s Nanyang art period, The Business Times, 23 August 2013, p37

NUS Museum launched a new exhibition “The Between Here and Nanyang”, based on Marco Hsu’s book A Brief History of Malayan Art, which published in 1965 and the first book on Singapore’s pioneering art scene. The exhibition at the NUS Museum is curated according to the book and its 18 chapters by Asst Prof Lai Chee Kien of the NUS School of Design and Environment and Ms Chang Yueh Siang of the NUS Museum. Most of the works shown were taken from the university’s own archival collection, which includes the collection from Nanyang University when it was merged with NUS in 1980. The article mentioned that the exhibition will be used in some courses for first-year Yale-NUS students as well as for NUS students.