Amyloid formation drives brain tissue loss in animal studies, Scienmag, 1 April 2020

Scienmag reported that Yale-NUS alumni Ms Lim Chu Hsien (Class of 2018) and Mr Zhu Fangchen (Class of 2019), and Associate Professor of Science (Life Sciences) Nicholas Tolwinski, Assistant Professor of Science (Biochemistry) Jan Gruber, Assistant Professor of Science (Life Sciences) Ajay Mathuru and Laboratory Manager Dr Prameet Kaur, have published a paper in eLife. The study showed that amyloid plaque formation caused both metabolic problems in the brain and physical damage that led to a loss of brain tissue. The paper revealed that lithium, a drug commonly used to treat bipolar disorder, reduced the life-shortening effects of the lost tissue.

The study was also featured in Neuroscience News, Asia Research News, BioScience World and other science publications.

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