Africans in Singapore find ‘a place like home’ in student society, church fellowship as their numbers slowly grow, South China Morning Post, 17 November 2019

South China Morning Post carried an article about Africans in Singapore who find “a place like home” in student societies, church fellowships, social groups and businesses. The article featured Yale-NUS Afro Society (YAS) which comprises a mix of international students who are African or Caribbean natives, or have family origins in Africa. The society began as a platform for cultural education. In 2016, YAS set up a mentorship programme to connect members with seasoned industry professionals who are also of African descent to help students gain an insight into the working world and navigate life in Singapore. Yale-NUS student and YAS Vice-President Haroun Chahed (Class of 2020) commented that his mentor played a big role in shaping his career and education decisions, and he plans to stay in Singapore as he has secured a job as a tech consultant. Yale-NUS student and YAS President Kebron Gurara (Class of 2021) said that YAS provides familiar ground even though moving to Singapore was a big shift.


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