9 in 10 graduates from Yale-NUS College’s first cohort employed within six months, The Straits Times, 27 Feb 2018

The Straits Times (ST) reported that more than nine in 10 graduates from Yale-NUS College’s pioneer cohort secured jobs within six months of their final examinations, according to the latest joint graduate employment survey. The survey also noted that the median starting salary of Yale-NUS graduates with Bachelor of Science with Honours degrees is $4,083, while that for their peers with Bachelor of Arts with Honours degrees is $3,500.

The article carried quotes from President Tan Tai Yong who said that the College is very happy with the outcome of the survey, which shows that our graduates are highly sought after in the workplace. Dean of International & Professional Experience Trisha Craig also shared how the College prepares students for careers through internships. For example, the College is piloting “group internships”, where it works with partners to develop a project with specific outcomes.

ST additionally interviewed graduate Linus Seah (Class of 2017), who is now working in GSK Asia. Mr Seah said that being from the pioneer cohort was a “double-edged sword” as there was no alumni networks but at the same time, there were also more progressive companies to take on the students. In the online edition of the article, ST quoted Mr Seah’s supervisor, Walter Yeo, who shared that Mr Seah “brings a fresh perspective to the organisation, very different from graduates that he has managed before”.

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