Distinguished Yale professors visit Yale-NUS College

21 March 2014

In March 2014, Yale-NUS College welcomed three distinguished Yale University professors, Professors Bryan Garsten, Deborah Davis and Amy Hungerford, who spoke at the College and interacted with Yale-NUS faculty and students during their visit.

On 11 March, J Y Pillay Visiting Professor Bryan Garsten captivated a crowded lecture hall with his lecture titled ‘Rethinking Solitude’. At Yale-NUS, Professor Garsten was Chair of the Yale-NUS Curriculum Committee from 2012 to 2013, and is now the J Y Pillay Visiting Distinguished Professor.

Watch Professor Garsten’s lecture here

On 12 March, Professor Deborah Davis, Tan Chin Tuan Visiting Professor in Chinese Studies, shared her expertise on urban studies, with an emphasis on urban China, in a lecture titled ‘Re-Placing the Urban: Rural Binary’. Professor Davis has been involved in Yale-NUS’ development since 2009, as part of the original committee to visit Singapore on the first exploratory trip from Yale, and subsequently in early curriculum development discussions.

Watch Professor Davis’ lecture here

On 13 March, Professor Amy Hungerford spoke on the American Modernist poet, Wallace Stevens, as part of the President’s Speakers Series. The English professor’s talk was titled ‘Wallace Stevens and the Art of the Empty Mind’. Professor Hungerford is known globally for her free, popular online course, ‘The American Novel Since 1945’, available on YouTube and Coursera.  She is also the founder of Post•45, a professional association for scholars working in post-45 literary and cultural studies.

Watch Professor Hungerford’s talk here