Honours, Prizes and Awards

Graduation Honours

The Yale-NUS Student

With students from more than 70 countries, the College’s applicant pool is global. We receive about 10,000 applications for each class of 250 students, making the College one of the most highly selective institutions in the world. Our admissions process evaluates all applicants holistically, assessing both academic and extra-curricular achievements, as well as the ability to thrive within the unique curriculum and residential college experience at Yale-NUS.

The Yale-NUS Experience

Yale-NUS College is a four-year programme that confers on all graduates a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) or Bachelor of Science (Honours).1

Yale-NUS students spend four years in a living and learning environment within a global community. This fosters the ability to analyse issues, reflect critically, solve problems and communicate effectively across borders. Students can draw upon the strong foundations of a broad-based, multidisciplinary education and their perspectives as global citizens, honed from years of residential living within an international community, to navigate the complexity and multidimensionality of issues facing the world today. Learn more about the Yale-NUS experience here.

Yale-NUS Latin Honours

The College believes it is important to recognise the breadth of students’ academic achievement and experience at the College including the Common Curriculum, electives, capstones, and majors. At the conclusion of the four-year programme, the College awards Latin Honours to academically exceptional graduates amongst a high-achieving class.

Summa cum laude Top 5%
Magna cum laude Next 10%
Cum laude Next 20%

The Latin Honours awards are based on the *Cumulative Average Point (CAP) – the weighted average grade point on a 5-point scale – of all graded classes throughout the entire four years of their education. The table below provides an indication of the CAP cut-offs for the three levels of Latin Honours awards:

Award Range of minimum CAP over recent years
Summa cum laude 4.82 to 4.83
Magna cum laude 4.67 to 4.75
Cum laude 4.47 to 4.56

Commensurate NUS Honours

As of 1 March 2020, the transcript of Yale-NUS graduates indicates the commensurate National University of Singapore Honours adjacent to the Yale-NUS student’s final CAP as applicable. Employers, graduate schools, scholarship-awarding organisations or related institutions can refer to either the Yale-NUS graduate’s CAP and/or their commensurate NUS Honours.

Honours (Highest Distinction) CAP 4.50 and above
Honours (Distinction) CAP 4.00 – 4.49
Honours (Merit) CAP 3.50 – 3.99

Employers, graduate schools, scholarship awarding organisations or related institutions requiring more information are encouraged to contact the Yale-NUS Centre for International & Professional Experience: cipe@yale-nus.edu.sg

Yale-NUS students who require more information may refer to the Undergraduate Regulations, or for further guidance may contact the Assistant Dean of Students in their Residential College or an Advisor from the Centre for International & Professional Experience.


1 Yale-NUS students enrolled in a double or concurrent degree with the National University of Singapore or Yale University undertake a five-year programme. Such students are awarded Latin Honours for the Yale-NUS component of their double or concurrent degree programmes if they achieve the relevant criteria.