Visiting Professors

  • Annping Chin

    Annping Chin – Confucius, You Surprised Me

    This talk is organised under the auspices of the Tan Chin Tuan Chinese Culture and Civilisation Programme Venue: RC4, Level 1, Common Lounge 1 Confucius in the Analects never ceases to surprise the reader, and this is particularly true for Books Twelve, Thirteen, and Fourteen. Fresh and forceful are his comments in those chapters regarding politics and the…

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  • Marvin Chun Photo

    Marvin Chun – Mind Reading with Functional Brain Imaging: Are We There Yet?

    Venue: University Town Auditorium 3, College of Alice & Peter Tan, University Town, NUS  Many futuristic movies have scenes where people are put in brain scanners to reveal secrets of the mind. Are such capabilities in the realm of science fiction, or are they technically feasible in modern day? Recent advances in medical imaging, such as…

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  • Steven Wilkinson Photo

    Steven Wilkinson – War and Political Change

    Venue: RC4, Level 1, Common Lounge 1 About Steven Wilkinson  Steven I. Wilkinson is Nilekani Professor of India and South Asian Studies and Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at Yale University. He has worked on the causes of ethnic violence, and his book, Votes and Violence: electoral competition and ethnic riots in India (Cambridge, 2004),…

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  • Paul Sabin Photo

    Paul Sabin – The Bet: Our Gamble Over Earth’s Future

    Venue: RC4, Level 1, Common Lounge 1  About Paul Sabin Paul Sabin teaches United States environmental history, energy politics, and political, legal, and economic history.  He coordinates the Yale Environmental History working group, and serves as Director of Undergraduate Studies for Yale’s undergraduate Environmental Studies major. Professor Sabin is the author of The Bet: Paul Ehrlich, Julian Simon, and…

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  • Jonathan Spence Photo

    Jonathan Spence — A Historian’s Life

    Venue: U Town Auditorium 2 @ Stephen Riady Centre This talk is organised under the auspices of the Tan Chin Tuan Chinese Culture and Civilisation Programme Join Professor Jonathan Spence as he reflects on the history of modern China since the 17th century. The talk will focus on how Chinese history seemed to be constantly changing…

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  • Marla Geha_cropped

    Marla Geha – Dark Matter and the Evolution of Galaxies

    Venue: RC4, Level B1, Seminar Rooms 1/2 In the framework of modern cosmology, massive galaxies such as our Milky Way form hierarchically through the merging and accretion of small dwarf galaxies. All students are invited to join Professor Geha as she explains the fascination of galaxies, unpacks the mysteries of ‘Dark Matter’, and demonstrates how…

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  • Prum

    Rick Prum – The Evolution of Beauty

    Venue: RC4, Level B1, Seminar Room 4 This is an interdisciplinary lecture course that will broadly explore aesthetics and beauty from the perspective of evolutionary biology, human biology, human arts, and culture. The course will begin with a survey of the mechanisms and processes of aesthetic evolution in plants and animals, including the evolution of…

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  • 450_mazzotta_1

    Giuseppe Mazzotta – The Italian Renaissance

    Venue: RC4, Level B1, Seminar Rooms 1/2 All on campus are invited to join Professor Mazzotta as he presents and discusses a central theme of his research; hosted by Professor Andrew Hui. About Giuseppe Mazzotta Giuseppe Mazzotta is the Sterling Professor of Humanities for Italian. A Sterling Professorship is the highest academic rank at Yale…

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  • Steven-Smith

    Steven Smith – Defending Politics

    Venue: RC4, Level B1, Seminar Rooms 1/2 In his latest book Political Philosophy Professor Smith asks: Who ought to govern? Why should I obey the law? How should conflict be controlled? What is the proper education for a citizen and a statesman? These questions probe some of the deepest and most enduring problems that every…

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  • beckyconekin

    Becky Conekin – Lee Miller in Fashion

    Venue: RC4, Level B1, Seminar Rooms 1/2 All on campus are invited to hear Dr. Conekin present her latest book, Lee Miller In Fashion and to join a discussion hosted by Professor Rajeev Patke. Lee Miller was the ‘it girl’ of 1927, a gorgeous model who embodied elegance, refinement, and flapper chic. She moved to…

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  • Bryan Garsten

    J Y Pillay Visiting Distinguished Professor, Bryan Garsten: Rethinking Solitude

    Bryan Garsten is Professor of Political Science at Yale University. He is the author of Saving Persuasion: A Defense of Rhetoric and Judgment, as well as articles on political rhetoric and deliberation, the meaning of representative government, the relationship of politics and religion, and the place of emotions in political life.  Professor Garsten is now finishing…

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  • Deborah Davis

    Tan Chin Tuan Visiting Professor in Chinese Studies, Deborah Davis: Replacing the Urban: Rural Binary

    Deborah S. Davis’s primary teaching interests are inequality and stratification, contemporary Chinese society, and methods of fieldwork. In addition to teaching at Yale, she runs a summer fieldwork seminar where Yale students work collaboratively with students from Hong Kong and China. Davis is currently a member of the National Committee on US China Relations, Associate…

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