Professor Brian P Schmidt: Science — Humanity’s Universal Bridge

21 January 2015 , 7.30pm - 9.30pm

Shaw Foundation Alumni House, Auditorium @ Level 2

Science is one of the few arenas where humanity has worked together through history for our collective good. In his speech, Professor Schmidt will discuss the role of science through the ages in shaping our current society, and reflect on the good and the bad its knowledge has brought. While the impact of science in our daily lives is higher now than ever before, the world still needs to further improve how it works together to cope with challenges in the future. It is through continual advancement in our knowledge that we can hope to have the billions of the world’s inhabitants live in peace and prosperity into the future.


Professor Brian P Schmidt is a 2011 Nobel Laureate for Physics at the Australian National University. In 1994, Professor Schmidt and Professor Nicholas Suntzeff formed the HighZ SN search team, a group of 20 astronomers on five continents who used distant exploding stars to trace the expansion of the Universe back in time. The group’s discovery of an accelerating Universe was a startling one suggesting that an unknown force is countering the effect of gravity and pushing the Universe apart.

Professor Schmidt continues his work using exploding stars to study the Universe, and is leading Australian National University’s Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics’ effort to build the SkyMapper telescope

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This event is jointly hosted by NUS and Yale-NUS College as part of the 5th ASEAN “Bridges” event series facilitated by the International Peace Foundation.

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