Marla Geha – Dark Matter and the Evolution of Galaxies

12 August 2014 (Tuesday), 12.30pm - 1.45pm
Professor Marla Geha

Venue: RC4, Level B1, Seminar Rooms 1/2

In the framework of modern cosmology, massive galaxies such as our Milky Way form hierarchically through the merging and accretion of small dwarf galaxies. All students are invited to join Professor Geha as she explains the fascination of galaxies, unpacks the mysteries of ‘Dark Matter’, and demonstrates how astronomy is an accessible and transfixing field of study; hosted by Professor Charles Bailyn.

About Marla Geha

Marla Geha is a Professor in the Astronomy Department and the Physics Department at Yale University. She is also the Director of Yale Telescope resources.  Her research group is interested in the formation, evolution and destruction of dwarf galaxies, ranging from gas-rich dwarf galaxies in isolation, to the least luminous and most dark matter-dominated galaxies in orbit around the Milky Way. Their goal is to use these objects to answer fundamental questions in astrophysics and cosmology.

She graduated from Cornell University in Applied and Engineering Physics, completed a MSc in Astronomy at New Mexico State University and received her PhD in Astronomy and Astrophysics from the University of California at Santa Cruz.  She was Kavli Frontiers of Science Fellow (2013), Whitney Humanities Fellow (2012), UC Santa Cruz 45+5 “Prominent and Influential Alumni” (2011), Alfred P. Sloan Fellow (2010) and was one of Popular Science Magazine “Brilliant 10” in 2009.

“An Absence of Quenched Dwarf Galaxies in the Field”

“Dwarf Galaxies, Dark Matter and Machine Learning”