Special Seminars

Special Seminars are approximately one-week long courses offered by visiting faculty to Yale-NUS students immediately prior to the beginning of their sophomore year. These seminars are a distinctive and unique opportunity for students to learn a highly specialised subject and/or skill from esteemed visiting Yale professors. Incoming juniors and seniors can also enrol in these courses, subject to availability. While we expect all students to take advantage of this special opportunity in their sophomore year, they can consult with their Vice Rector if a conflicting obligation or opportunity prevents them from taking a Special Seminar at that time. Special Seminars are graded on a CS/CU basis and carry one Modular Credit.

Exemption requests made prior to the enrolment period will be considered in the following circumstances on a case-by-case basis. Vice Rectors will consult with colleagues in the Centre for International and Professional Experience (CIPE), Heads of Study, and Faculty Advisors as needed.

  • If students are doing CIPE-approved activities (e.g. internships or taking CIPE-approved summer classes) that extend into the short-course period, they are automatically exempted.
  • If students are doing internships or taking classes not obtained through CIPE but deemed uniquely important by the Vice Rector for the student’s educational or personal growth.
  • For double degree programme in Law and Liberal Arts students who need that time to finish summer opportunities due to their Special Term Law and Society Class.

The bar for withdrawing from a Special Seminar gets higher the closer one gets to its commencement. After enrolling in a Special Seminar, students can withdraw up to the day of its commencement after obtaining their Vice Rector’s permission and no record will be left on their transcript. Students who withdraw between the first and last day of the course will have a W placed on their record. Permission for post-enrolment withdrawal without penalty will be granted by the Vice Rector, for example, in the case of a critical time-clash or unforeseen personal impediment (e.g. if over the summer, they are enrolled in an NUS class that is held at the same time as the Special Seminar, or if a family crisis arises).

The College offers a range of Short Courses taught by visiting Yale faculty.

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