Each student at Yale-NUS College will select a major at the end of their second year of enrollment. There are currently fourteen majors available, and students enrolled in the Double Degree Programme with Law have the law curriculum as their major. Each major comprises eight courses (5 MC [modular credits] per course), and a 10 MC capstone project carried out in the final year of the programme.

  • Leonardo da Vinci

    Arts and Humanities

    The Arts and Humanities major addresses the core elements of human expression from historical, critical, comparative, and practice-based perspectives. It will not only teach students about art in human life but also provide a context for students to develop their own arts practice. The intellectual and practical skills developed in the Arts and …

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  • An Anthropology of Literary Culture


    The History major offers students the opportunity to explore the complex relationship between our understanding of the past and our experience of the present. Through the study of history, students will learn to interpret past events, to understand societies and peoples, and to recognise patterns and structures in history. They will also attend …

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  • Life Sciences

    Life Sciences

    The Life Sciences endeavour to unravel the mysteries of living things at all scales from the mechanics of protein ‘machines’, to the development of organisms from a single cell, to the splendour and complexity of entire ecosystems. The questions in the life sciences are as varied and intriguing as life itself. How does a single…

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  • OldBooks


    The study of literature provides an opportunity to examine the cultural values, questions, and conflicts embodied in the literary achievements of human civilisations. The Literature major teaches students how to read and interpret texts from a broad range of cultural traditions and historical periods. The major builds on the unique linguistic di…

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  • blue abstract numbers

    Mathematical, Computational and Statistical Sciences

    Mathematics and computation have occupied a central place in the liberal arts curriculum from its earliest history. Across societies, we find mathematics not only in the service of science, government, and ritual, but also for its own sake – an aesthetic of mathematical beauty. In recent centuries, the mathematical sciences have been viewed as f…

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  • Philosophy


    The Philosophy major addresses profound questions about the nature of the good life and of reality, knowledge, truth and beauty. It does so not only by teaching students about philosophy; most importantly, it teaches students to do philosophy, and hence to lead rewarding and productive lives informed by philosophical reflection. The skills and h…

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  • Andromeda-Galaxie

    Physical Sciences

    Students majoring in Physical Sciences will explore some of the fundamental processes in matter, space and time. How did the universe emerge? What is the structure of matter? What physical laws determine the motions, temperatures, and chemistry of the matter that comprises our planet and its life-forms? Students will extend their interdisciplina…

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