Chinese Studies

The minor in the interdisciplinary Chinese Studies programme is designed to foster an in-depth understanding of China both as a historical tradition and as a modern nation with a wide-ranging sphere of influence. Central to the programme is the belief that an informed knowledge of Chinese language, literature, culture and history is essential to a proper understanding of the Chinese world today (inclusive of the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, and ethnically Chinese populations in Singapore and elsewhere). Conversely, educated cognisance of the political, economic, environmental and demographic issues currently facing the Chinese world are no less vital to us in our roles as informed global citizens. The programme thus offers a range of coursework in both the Humanities and Social Sciences designed to expose students to a wide array of disciplinary vantage points from which to study China, both past and present, and to provide them with the necessary skills by which to do so with competence and a growing level of expertise.

The requirements for the independent minor in Chinese Studies are detailed below.

Chinese Studies Minor

To complete the minor, a student must complete 25 MC in coursework, to include YLC2202: Intermediate Chinese 2 (or higher-level Chinese language course, modern or classical [YHU2212: Classical Chinese]) and 20 additional MC from the courses listed below, including at least one each from the Humanities and Social Sciences divisions. Comparable courses taken through off-campus study or at the National University of Singapore (NUS) (up to a limit of 12 MC) and comparable Yale-NUS courses otherwise not on the current list may be approved at the discretion of the programme’s Advisor. Courses taken for a major cannot be double-counted toward the minor, and all courses for the minor taken at Yale-NUS or NUS must have a letter grade.

Humanities Courses:

YLC3203: Advanced Chinese 1
YLC3204: Advanced Chinese 2
YLC3205: Advanced Readings in Chinese: Cinematic and Literary Texts
YLC3206: Advanced Readings in Chinese: Modern Chinese Literature
YHU2204: Modern Chinese Literature and Film
YHU2212: Classical Chinese
YHU2218: Chinese Migrations to Southeast Asia
YHU 2287: Neo-Confucianism and Chinese Buddhism
YHU3204: China and the West
YHU3211: Tales of the Strange
YHU3205: Ming Imperial Voyages
YHU3224: Warring States China Intellectual and Political History
YHU3230: The First Opium War, 1839-42
YHU4222: The Historiography of Sima Qian
YHU4204: Rise of the West and the Great Divergence
YHU4218: Chinese Poetry

Social Sciences Courses

YSS3212: Chinese Politics
YSS3217: Urbanisation in China
YSS3226: Conflict and Cooperation in East Asia
YSS3241: Chinese Political Philosophy: Confucianism & Its Rivals
YSS 3268: Anthropology of China
YSS4205: Chinese Foreign Policy
YID3207: China’s Energy and Environmental Sustainability