Independent Minors

Students at Yale-NUS College have the opportunity to declare an optional ‘independent’ minor in either Chinese Studies or Global Antiquity in addition to the existing minors offered by the College.  The modular credit requirements for these two minors are the same as that for the other minors: 25 MC.

  • Chinese Studies

    The minor in the interdisciplinary Chinese Studies programme is designed to foster an in-depth understanding of China both as a historical tradition and as a modern nation with a wide-ranging sphere of influence. Central to the programme is the belief that an informed knowledge of Chinese language, literature, culture and history is essential to…

  • Global Antiquity

    The minor in Global Antiquity offers students the opportunity to craft an individualised course of study on ancient societies, the development of “Classical” traditions and their continuing cultural significance. Ancient societies in South Asia, ancient China, the Mediterranean, and the near East developed the enduring paradigms of thought that …