Double Degree with Law

This double degree programme in Law and Liberal Arts is an innovative programme offered jointly by Yale-NUS College and Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore (NUS) for those seeking a broad liberal arts education in addition to their professional training in the law.  The five-year honours programme was established by Yale-NUS College and NUS with the aim of attracting students of the highest calibre from Singapore and around the world. This programme will provide an interdisciplinary legal education in a residential, liberal arts setting. The programme is highly selective and fewer than 20 places are open each year. Students who have met the graduation criteria will be awarded a Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) degree from Yale-NUS College and a Bachelor of Laws (with Honours) degree from the Faculty of Law, NUS.  Students are required to be resident at Yale-NUS College for the first four years of the programme. At this dedicated campus they will participate fully in the Yale-NUS community and enjoy the benefits of residential college life.  In their first year of study they will take Yale-NUS Common Curriculum courses and a Law elective in the first Special Term of the Summer.  In the second, third and fourth years students will complete the Yale-NUS Common Curriculum, take Yale-NUS electives, and take core and elective Law courses. For Law classes, students travel to the Bukit Timah Campus (BTC), where the Faculty of Law is located. Students are also eligible to participate in a semester of an exchange programme abroad. In the fifth year, students will move out of the Yale-NUS College residential college and continue with their academic pursuits at BTC. Students will also complete a capstone project in their fifth year, which entails a research and writing project in a topic that combines Law and the Liberal Arts.

See Admissions to Double Degree Programme for more information.

Sample Curriculum

Applicable to AY2017/2018 cohort onwards

Semester 1 Semester 2 Credits
Year One YCC1111 Literature and Humanities 1 (5 MC) YCC1112 Literature and Humanities 2 (5 MC)
YCC1113 Philosophy and Political Thought 1 (5 MC) YCC1114 Philosophy and Political Thought 2 (5 MC)
YCC1122 Quantitative Reasoning (5 MC) Scientific Inquiry 1 (5 MC)
YCC1121 Comparative Social Inquiry (5 MC) Yale-NUS Elective (5 MC)
LL4146 Law and Society (5 MC)
20 MC Total 25 MC Total
Year Two Scientific Inquiry 2 (5 MC)  LC1002 Intro to Legal Theory (4 MC)
LC1003 Law of Contract (8 MC)*
LC1004 Law of Torts (8 MC)*
LC1016 Legal Analysis, Research and Communication (8 MC)*
LC1015 Singapore Law in Context (4 MC, CSU) Yale-NUS Elective (5 MC)
21 MC Total 21 MC Total
Year Three Historical Immersion (5 MC) Yale-NUS Elective (5 MC)
YCC2121 Modern Social Thought (5 MC) Yale-NUS Elective (5 MC)
LC1001 Criminal Law (8 MC)*
LC2004 Principles of Property Law (8 MC) LC2007 Constitutional and Administrative Law (8 MC)
22 MC Total 22 MC Total
Year Four Yale-NUS Elective (5 MC) LC2009 Pro Bono (0 MC, CSU)
Combined Law^/Liberal Arts Elective (4-5 MC) Yale-NUS Elective (5 MC)
LC2008 Company Law (8 MC) LC2006 Equity and Trusts (8 MC)
LC2010 Legal Systems of Asia (4 MC) LC3001 Evidence (8 MC)
21-22 MC Total 21 MC Total
Year Five Yale-NUS Elective (5 MC) Yale-NUS Elective (5 MC)
Capstone course in Law and Liberal Arts (10 MC)
Combined Law^/Liberal Arts Elective (4-5 MC) Combined Law^/Liberal Arts Elective (4-5 MC)
Law Elective^ (4 – 5 MC) Law Elective^ (4 – 5 MC)
18-20 MC Total 18-20 MC Total
Total Credits 211-214
Yale-NUS = 90 MC
Combined Law^/Liberal Arts Electives = 22-25 MC
Law School^ = 97-99 MC

*Year Long Module.

^All students must complete at least one law elective module from “Civil Law” cluster list. To qualify for the Singapore Bar, a Law student has to earn a minimum on 120 MC of Law modules. 

CS/CU = Completed Satisfactory/Completed Unsatisfactory

This sample schedule is effective from AY 2017-2018. For sample schedules relevant to previous cohorts, please click here to download the schedule pertaining to your cohort.