Concurrent Degree Programme with Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies

The Concurrent Degree Programme offered by Yale-NUS and the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies (Yale F&ES) is a five-year programme designed for students who want to pursue careers in an environmental field. The programme provides well-prepared Yale-NUS students with accelerated graduate training in environmental science, management and policy. Students undergo five years of academic studies and a one-year internship.

The key features of the Concurrent Degree Programme are as follows:

  • The Yale-NUS Bachelor of Arts (Honours) or Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree will be awarded following completion of four years of undergraduate study.
  • For Yale-NUS students admitted to the Yale F&ES 5th Year Concurrent Degree Programme, the Master of Environmental Science (MESc) or Master of Environmental Management (MEM) degree will be awarded following one additional academic graduate year of study at Yale F&ES.
  • To be eligible for the 5th Year programme, Yale-NUS students must complete the Environmental Studies major requirements and spend one semester during their junior year at Yale, taking upper level courses in Yale College or Yale F&ES in the US.
  • Admitted students are required to work in an environmentally-related position for one year following graduation from Yale-NUS, and prior to matriculating at Yale F&ES.
  • The Master of Environmental Science (MESc) degree is designed for students interested in conducting scientific research that contributes toward basic and applied knowledge. The scientific research required in this course of study is conducted in close collaboration with an F&ES faculty member. Students wishing to apply for the MESc programme must have a commitment from an F&ES faculty research advisor when admitted.
  • The Master of Environmental Management (MEM) Degree is designed for students pursuing careers such as environmental policy, analysis, stewardship, education, consulting, or management concerning natural resource sustainability. The programme aims to provide students with a scientific understanding of ecological and social systems, which then can be applied in a policy or management context.
  • Students can apply to the 5-year Concurrent Degree Programme over three years (their senior year and two years following).

For more details on admissions, application process, course requirements and to contact the course coordinator, please click here.