COVID-19 Information at Yale-NUS

The well-being and safety of our students, faculty and staff are of utmost importance to Yale-NUS College. Since January 2020, the College has put in place a series of precautionary measures to keep our community safe and healthy, and to better mitigate the potential risks of the evolving COVID-19 situation. As we forge ahead in the new academic year, we are working closely with the Ministry of Education and the National University of Singapore to ensure that all safety guidelines required by the Ministry of Health are implemented on campus. We continue to monitor the situation, take guidance from advisories released by the authorities, and adjust our measures accordingly to keep everyone safe. Key updates and important information on COVID-19 will be shared here.


Updates on Academic Year 2020/2021 at Yale-NUS

We started our new academic year in August 2020. One of the hallmarks of a Yale-NUS education is our living and learning environment. This has not changed and the College commenced the Academic Year (AY) 2020/2021 with a residential semester. We endeavour to provide the best possible experience not only for classes but also for student advising, counselling and residential life activities, as we welcome the new Class of 2024 and existing students back to the Yale-NUS community.

Our educational mission remains at the heart of what we do: providing the highest-quality educational experience for students and faculty. Face-to-face teaching is our predominant mode of engagement with some remote or hybrid teaching where needed. We will only return fully to the classrooms and back to campus when we are certain there are minimal health risks. Such decisions will be made with the counsel of experts at the Ministries of Health and Education, the National University of Singapore, and College leadership. Our priority remains to ensure the safety and well-being of our community while not losing sight of the academic and residential experience for our students. Learn more about our plans for the new semester.

As the approval of passes and entry into Singapore are determined by prevailing COVID-19 conditions and travel regulations, we have allowed for some flexibility in student arrivals for the new academic year. Students, who are residing in Singapore and commenced their studies in August 2020, have moved to campus when term started, while international students will join us, pending government approvals to enter Singapore.

Students, who were unable to enter Singapore, were able to e-matriculate and take classes online for the first semester of the new academic year. All admitted students have been given the opportunity to defer enrolment to AY 2021/22.

All students are advised to view the FAQs on COVID-19 to stay informed about current processes, and check with the Dean of Students’ Office (DOS) for the latest information. All students who prefer to stay at home due to travel challenges, health concerns or other considerations are given the option of a residential living fee waiver for Semester 1 of AY 2020/21. For more information, please check with the DOS office at or visit our student portal. Parents and family members can reach out to for queries or concerns.

Applying to Yale-NUS in Admissions Cycle 2020-2021 

Each year, the College enrols a talented and diverse group of students from all around the world through a holistic admissions process which includes a thorough review of academic records, teacher recommendations and writing samples. Due to limitations on opportunities for SAT and ACT testing as a result of disruptions caused by COVID-19, Yale-NUS College has adopted a test-optional policy for applicants applying in the 2020-21 admissions cycle.

For more details on the admissions process, applicants can visit the admissions page or contact the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid at


Prevailing Measures at Yale-NUS

As we deal with the pandemic, Yale-NUS students, staff and faculty have come together to support one another in various ways so that the College continues to be as open and active as possible, while prioritising the health and safety of our community.

Residential life continued in its physical form for as long as we could enable it and where we could not, it took on exciting new virtual forms that reflect the ingenuity and creativity of our community. During Semester 2 of AY 2019/20, classes were moved online quickly, and we switched to alternative modes of teaching and assessment where possible. As a community of learning, we aim to help our students focus on learning while setting aside, as far as we can, their worries about achievement metrics. Our faculty have responded flexibly to students’ needs without losing sight of fulfilling student’s learning objectives, expanding their range of grading options to lessen student stress and anxiety.

Despite the unprecedented hurdles faced by faculty, staff and students over the past few months, the community has remained steadfast in its commitment to teaching and learning. The Yale-NUS Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) has been aiding faculty with teaching considerations for online learning, such as promoting student discussions, developing appropriate online assessment methodologies, and maintaining academic integrity. The Educational Resources & Technology (ERT) Department has also been providing key support for these flexible and agile responses to the challenges introduced by COVID-19 and will continue to do so as we prepare for the beginning of the new academic year.

All this has been made possible due to the willingness of our staff and faculty to go above and beyond, and the collaboration of our students as they adapted quickly to each change. Our long-term goal remains to ensure the well-being of everyone in our community as we continue to fulfil our mandate to provide an educational experience of quality for our students.


Visitors and Members of the Public

General Campus Information

From 2 June 2020, all entry to and exit from our campus will need to be logged via SafeEntry.

Visitors and contractors should also register with the NUS Visitor Registration System when they are on campus to help us facilitate contact tracing if the need arises.

  • All deliveries must be collected at the Oculus or outside the gates of each Residential College. If you require delivery personnel to deliver the items directly to your apartment or office, you must bring them to the Fire Control Room (located on the pathway facing Clementi Road, a two-minute walk from the Oculus heading towards Saga College) to take their temperature and log their details via SafeEntry and the Visitor Registration System. Staff/faculty must escort any delivery personnel for the whole time they are on campus and ensure they use SafeEntry to check out once they leave.
  • Currently, only personal visitors for residential staff and faculty are allowed on campus. When entering the campus, they should use SafeEntry. All personal visitors should be accompanied by the staff or faculty at all times, and access is restricted to residential apartments only.



Through this public health crisis, we have adopted an incremental approach: calibrating restrictions to assess risks while enabling us to be as open and active as possible.

One of the hallmarks of a Yale-NUS education is our living and learning environment. This has not changed and we commenced AY 2020/21 with a residential semester. Learn more about the College’s plans for Semester 1 of AY 2020/21. All students are advised to view the FAQs on COVID-19 to stay informed on current processes, and check with the Dean of Students’ Office  (DOS) at

In line with the National University of Singapore (NUS)’ plans to resume campus operations in phases from 2 June 2020, the College is complying with the campus zoning plan  introduced by NUS. Yale-NUS College is in Zone A, alongside NUS units such as the Faculty of Engineering, University Town and University Scholars Programme etc. The zoning plan is dynamic and may change, subject to health and safety advisories. Learn more about the most updated version of the NUS zone map  and access to neutral zones. Students must adhere to safe distancing measures  and wear a mask when on campus.

Learn more about the measures regarding residential life and academic matters that were implemented during Semester 2 of AY 2019/20.

For further information or queries, please contact the Yale-NUS Dean of Students Office at

Summer Opportunities and Study Abroad Programmes

After much deliberation, the College has decided to cancel exchange and study abroad for Semester 1 and Semester 2 of AY 2020/21. Several important factors were taken into account: virus-related travel and immigration restrictions, health conditions and plans for the upcoming term at our partner institutions, public health projections regarding the spread of the virus, and our most important concern, the health and safety of our students.

We will work with our students to make the best possible arrangements for the upcoming semester in terms of modules, housing, and other opportunities they may wish to pursue on campus. Learn more about the arrangements regarding the exchange programmes.

As overseas summer plans were impacted by the COVID-19 situation, the College actively helped affected students explore programmes, research or internships opportunities in Singapore, or encouraged them to consider opportunities in their home countries. The College’s Summer Research Programme was also expanded to include more student researchers and provide more work opportunities in our administrative departments for students to gain work experience over the break. Learn more about the resources available.

Graduating Students (Class of 2020)

For graduating students from the Class of 2020, the College’s Centre for International & Professional Experience (CIPE) is providing support in their post-graduate endeavours. Each student has been assigned CIPE advisors who are familiar with the student’s intended plans (graduate school, employment etc.) so as to best support them in the coming months. To commemorate the completion of our students’ College experience in the fullest way possible despite the COVID-19 situation, the College organised a virtual Graduation Ceremony on 18 May 2020. Learn more about the support available for graduating students.



Staff and Faculty

Our staff and faculty have been working tirelessly to ensure that College operations, classes and programmes are able to continue where health and safety is not compromised.

From 29 July 2020, all staff, faculty and students, including those residing on campus, must download uNivUS and use the NUSafe app when they are on campus. Staff have been rostered into two teams and can work on campus on alternate weeks. Faculty can return to campus whenever they require.  All staff and faculty are free to continue to work from home unless their presence is required for exercising their functions.

In line with NUS’ plans to resume campus operations in phases from 2 June 2020, the College is complying with the campus zoning plan  introduced by NUS. Yale-NUS College is in Zone A, alongside NUS units such as the Faculty of Engineering, University Town and University Scholars Programme etc. The zoning plan is dynamic and may change, subject to health and safety advisories. Learn more about the most updated version of the NUS zone map  and access to neutral zones. All staff and faculty must adhere to safe distancing measures  and wear a mask when on campus.

Learn more about the College’s plans for Semester 1 of AY 2020/21  and the existing measures on staff safety and well-being.



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