Training & Development

Yale-NUS College is committed to develop staff members to the best of their abilities in alignment with the needs of the College and their career goals through the following:

  • Structured Training & Development Framework
  • Developing a customised Individual Learning Roadmap to help staff members achieve their career goals
  • Learning environment that aims to encourage every single staff to maximise their fullest potential

The following opportunities are available:

In-House Training Programmes

A range of in-house courses for staff members in personal effectiveness and information technology are available. These in-house programmes are run by experts on the various subjects. There are also a number of e-learning courses to cater to immediate training needs of staff.

External Courses and Professional Development

Staff members may be sponsored to attend external programmes, locally or overseas. They may seek professional development through participation at conferences, seminars, workshops, research meetings, study and field trips, as well as attachments to overseas research laboratories and renowned academic institutions.

Continuing Education Programmes

Yale-NUS College encourages staff members to constantly develop themselves by heavily subsidising continuing education programmes such as formal certification programmes, part-time degrees and executive programmes.