Associate/Senior Associate Director, Dean of Faculty Office

The Associate/Senior Associate Director, Dean of Faculty Office, works closely with the Dean of Faculty and members of the Dean of Faculty Office to strategically plan for and support all activities relating to curriculum development, recruitment and appointment of faculty, review processes for faculty support, and support of faculty related committee.

An integral member of the Dean of Faculty leadership team, the Associate/Senior Associate Director will bring vision and experience in higher education and/or business to the College. Together with the Dean of Faculty and colleagues within the Dean of Faculty office and across the College, they will develop, implement and evaluate strategic initiatives to enhance faculty opportunities in teaching and research as well as the visibility of their efforts and successes.


The primary responsibilities of the Associate/Senior Associate Director, Dean of Faculty Office, include:

1. Management of Dean of Faculty Office

  • Provide oversight and leadership to the administrative team in support of Dean of Faculty ’s work plan and objectives. Be part of the Dean of Faculty ’s office leadership team and advise Dean of Faculty on strategies to improve administration, as well as foresee and identify issues with administration on new strategic implementation
  • Foster and build a cohesive with a culture of respect, excellence of service, and professional
  • Work closely with the Dean of Faculty, Divisional Directors (DD), Divisional Managers (DM) and others to ensure that all administrative work in the Dean of Faculty office and divisions are processed accurately, professionally and in a timely manner
  • Distribute and manage workload evenly and fairly across all administrative staff, including divisional managers and their direct reports
  • Coach and develop the administrative team in their personal and professional development.
  • Align and streamline administrative procedures and SOPs across and within Divisional Offices
  • Work collaboratively with the Manager of the Laboratories to assure integration across faculty and staff working in the labs
  • Represent the Dean of Faculty and the Dean of Faculty office in cross-departmental initiatives at the college (e.g., Human Resources, Finance, RGAO, Public Affairs, Admissions
  • Bring visibility to faculty efforts – including teaching and scholarly work

2. Dean of Faculty Office Projects and Initiatives

Dean of Faculty Budget and Expenses

  • Support the Dean of Faculty in the yearly budget planning exercise and reconciliation;
  • Work with the current Manager in charge of the budget to track ongoing Dean of Faculty spend;
  • Support and coordinate financial matters across the Dean of Faculty

Policies, Processes & Special Projects

In close conjunction with the Dean of Faculty and the Dean of Faculty team, undertake special projects, such as:

  • Benchmark studies on peer institutions as needed
  • Continuity planning for the Dean of Faculty Office
  • Faculty Portal on the Yale-NUS website and all other research and curricular websites.
  • Curriculum review as needed

Institutional-level Grant Proposals

  • At the direction of the Dean of Faculty, support the College’s applications for institutional-level grants

3. Faculty Recruitment

  • Support the Appointments Committee members, various search committees and the Dean of Faculty team in the faculty search process
  • Ensure that positions are advertised in the appropriate channels by working closely with the Search Committee Chairs, Divisional Directors and Divisional Managers on the advertisements’ text and placement, and to send all advertisements to the Appointments Committee for review and approval
  • Track and present regular updates on the faculty recruitment process (i.e., faculty candidate tracking sheet and master visit schedule for the year) to the Dean and the Appointments Committee
  • Support divisions in bringing campus visit forms to the appointments committee as needed.
  • Support Divisions with planning on-campus visits as needed
  • Support Divisions in preparing recommendation forms for consideration by the appointments committee and/or Dean of Faculty
  • Act as a resource for faculty candidates’ spouses/partners by providing information to and meeting with the spouses/partners during the faculty recruitment phase. Schedule school visits for candidates and spouses/partners as needed
  • In consultation with Dean of Faculty , work with various team members (Dean of Faculty , DDs, Search Comm Chairs, DMs, search firms, etc) to revise paperwork (processes, ads, brochures, FAQs, etc.) as needed
  • Support spouse/partner of faculty new hires integration to the Yale-NUS community and life in Singapore. This includes managing the relationship with the Career Resources for Excellence (CRCE) organization to ensure that Yale-NUS spouses/partners receive optimal support from the Yale-NUS – CRCE membership

4. Faculty Appointments

  • Support the Appointments Committee by scheduling meetings, managing meeting agendas with Dean of Faculty, preparing meeting documents, taking minutes, circulating requests for approval from search committees or others, and helping take forward decisions arising from Committee discussions
  • Ensure that all documents are correctly prepared and procedures are correctly followed. Liaise with HR as needed
  • Compile dossiers for each candidate for review by the Appointments committee, and later for review by the provosts and the GB as needed
  • Work closely with the Appointments Committee members and other stakeholders including Search Committee Chairs, Divisional Directors and Divisional Managers to handle questions and concerns
  • Collaborate with HR to ensure timely appointment of shortlisted candidates and other appointments
  • For new appointments of senior faculty to tenured positions, work with Dean of Faculty and SC Chairs to compile a list of references (referees and arm’s length letter writers), send to Dean of Faculty Executive to track list of candidate references and batch letters. Support and supervise this process as needed.

5. Promotion & Tenure (P&T) and Third Year Reviews (TYR)

  • Work with staff administering these processes to ensure the efficient consideration of the cases and preparation of documents as needed
  • Serve as Secretariat to the Appointments Committee. This includes:
    • Manage meeting agendas
    • Prepare meeting documents
    • Take and publish minutes
    • Do research on follow-up items for future meetings
    • Ensure that any recommendations or decisions arising from committee discussions are taken forward with the appropriate people.


  • Minimum of Bachelor’s degree
  • 10 to 15 years of experience, preferably with an Institute of Higher Learning
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience managing a team in an operational and administration capacity
  • Experience working in a multicultural environment and a stakeholder group of varied and diverse background

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