Staff Directory

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President’s Office

20 College Ave West, #03-401, Singapore 138529

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Tan Tai Yong 6601-2100 taiyong.tan@yale-nus.edu.sg President
Lau Kelly 6601-2100 kelly.lau@yale-nus.edu.sg Personal Assistant
Ng Cheng Jin 6601-3011 chengjin.ng@yale-nus.edu.sg Coordinator, Transport & Logistics

Executive Vice President, Academic Affairs

20 College Ave West, #03-401, Singapore 138529

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Roberts Joanne 6601-3700 joanne.roberts@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive Vice President
(Academic Affairs)
Lee Jacqueline 6601-3929 jacqueline.lee@yale-nus.edu.sg Personal Assistant
Rajagobal Navin 6601-3061 navin@yale-nus.edu.sg Director (Academic Affairs) and
Senior Lecturer
Bain Diana 6601-2655 diana.bain@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Manager

Executive Vice President, Administration

20 College Ave West, #03-401, Singapore 138529

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Lynas Kristen 6601-5129 k.lynas@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive Vice President
Low Karen 6601-5162 karen.low@yale-nus.edu.sg Personal Assistant

Vice President of Engagement

20 College Ave West, #03-401, Singapore 138529

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Craig Trisha 6601-5127 trisha.craig@yale-nus.edu.sg Vice President (Engagement)
and Senior Lecturer
Rozells Alyson 6516-8787 alyson.rozells@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Director
(Alumni Affairs & Strategic Events)
Low Kevin 6601-5621 kevin-low@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Executive
(Alumni Affairs & Strategic Events)

Institutional Affairs

20 College Ave West, #03-401, Singapore 138529

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Brandon-King Sohini 6601-3958 sohini.brandon-king@yale-nus.edu.sg Director

Governing Board Secretariat

20 College Ave West, #03-401, Singapore 138529

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Teo Karen 6601-2601 karen.teo@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Director

Admissions & Financial Aid

16 College Ave West, #01-220, Singapore 138527

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Severin Laura 6601-3605 laura.severin@yale-nus.edu.sg Dean
Seah Jasmine 6601-2489 jasmine.seah@yale-nus.edu.sg Director
Chim Suan Yew 6601-7809 suanyew.chim@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Director
Neo Iris 6601-1452 iris.neo@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Manager
Lee Ren Wei 6601-5922 renwei.lee@yale-nus.edu.sg Manager (Communications & Events)
Tan Esther 6601-3502 esther.tan@yale-nus.edu.sg Manager
(Enrollment Operations)
Wong Jennifer 6601-2396 jennifer.wong@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Manager
Salazar Rebeca 6516-1289 rebeca.salazar@yale-nus.edu.sg Admissions Counsellor
Tee Christopher 6601-1895 chris.tee@yale-nus.edu.sg Admissions Counsellor
Yeap Yi Yi 6601-3702 yiyi.yeap@yale-nus.edu.sg Admissions Counsellor
Binte Maideen Pillay Anish Fatimah 6601-2395 anish.fatimah@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Executive
Tan Hui Fang 6601-5088 huifang.tan@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Executive
Handoyo Evannia 6601-5214 evannia@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive (Communications & Events)
Binte Suab Hanifah 6601-5131 hanifah.suab@yale-nus.edu.sg Management Support Officer

Centre for International & Professional Experience (CIPE)

12 College Ave West #01-202, Singapore 138610

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Ng Norvin 6601-2599 norvin.ng@yale-nus.edu.sg Director
(Career Services)
Chew Alicia 6601-3995 alicia.chew@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Programme Manager
(Career Services)
Hussain Nurul Jihadah 6601-2397 nurul.hussain@yale-nus.edu.sg Programme Manager
(Career Services)
Teo Shien-Min 6601-3495 shienmin.teo@yale-nus.edu.sg Programme Manager
(Career Services)
Tan Wendy 6601-3606 wendy.tan@yale-nus.edu.sg Manager
Lim Amanda 6601-5130 amanda.lim@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Executive
Pal Nilanjana 6601-3268 nilanjana.pal@yale-nus.edu.sg Director
Kaul Jenika Conant 6601-5691 jenika.kaul@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Programme Manager
(Leadership & Global Citizenship)
Sandeva Zhana 6601-3246 zhana.sandeva@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Programme Manager
(Leadership & Global Citizenship)
Tan Yock Theng 6601-3703 yocktheng.tan@yale-nus.edu.sg Programme Manager
(Leadership & Global Citizenship)
Allen Lindsay 6601-3604 lindsay.allen@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Associate Director
(International Programmes)
Leong Wai Yee 6601-7554 waiyee.leong@yale-nus.edu.sg Programme Manager
(International Programmes)
Uding Beth 6601-3263 beth.uding@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Director
(Experiential Learning)
Wu Annette 6601-3498 annette.wu@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive
(Experiential Learning)

Dean of Students Office

20 College Ave West, #03-403, Singapore 138529

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Stanfield David 6516-3651 dave.stanfield@yale-nus.edu.sg Dean of Students
Goh Zhengqin 6601-4951 zhengqin.goh@yale-nus.edu.sg Head of Counselling
McGeehan Andrew 6601-5163 andrew.mcgeehan@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Director, Residential Education
Pillai Carol 6601-4945 carol.pillai@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Director, Student Services
Ari Hagit Ben 6601-5334 hagitba@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Counsellor
Tan Joanna 6601-7925 joanna.ashley.tan@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Clinical Psychologist
Ahl Claudia 6601-4951 claudia.ahl@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Clinical Psychologist (Part Time)
Kazemini Sahar 6601-3500 sahar@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Programme Manager, Intercultural Engagement
Loe Andy 6601-5624 andy.loe@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Manager, Athletics & Recreation
Loh Petrina 6601-5619 petrina.loh@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Manager, Student Organisations & Leadership
Lim Diana 6601-3647 dianalim@yale-nus.edu.sg Manager, Student Services
Ang Natalie 6601-7804 natalie.ang@yale-nus.edu.sg Programme Manager, Wellness
Thia Shirley 6601-5617 shirley.thia@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Manager
Tan Marilyn 6601-5347 marilyn.tan@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Executive, Campus Life
Chan Leonard leo.chan@yale-nus.edu.sg Residential Life Officer
Dure Olivia Albin oliviadure@yale-nus.edu.sg Residential Life Officer
Indrarajah Tinesh tinesh@yale-nus.edu.sg Residential Life Officer
Kasenda Juanda 6601-5556 juanda.kasenda@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive, Student Services
Lutian Josua Chad Vitorio josua@yale-nus.edu.sg Residential Life Officer
Nair Subhas 6601-5244 subhas.nair@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive, Athletics & Recreation
Numan Muhammad Erfaan 6601-7563 erfaan.numan@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive, Residential Housing & Campus Life
Tung Jenny 6601-3091 jenny.tung@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive, Counselling

Saga College – Residential College 1

10 College Ave West, #01-101, Singapore 138609

Family Name Given
Unit No. Tel No. Email Address Designation
Khoo Hoon Eng Saga RC1-01-06A 6601-3499 hooneng.khoo@yale-nus.edu.sg Rector and Associate Professor (Science)
Gallagher Paul Joseph Saga RC1-01-06B 6601-3371 paul.gallagher@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Dean, Saga College, Dean of Students Office and Lecturer
Ngu Hui Tze Saga College Office 6601-3650 huitze.ngu@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Manager
Banu Binte Syed Abdul Kadir Saeedah Saga College Office 6601-7813 saeedah@yale-nus.edu.sg Management Assistant Officer
Indrarajah Tinesh Saga College Office tinesh@yale-nus.edu.sg Residential Life Officer

Elm College – Residential College 2

12 College Ave West, #01-201, Singapore 138610

Family Name Given
Unit No. Tel No. Email Address Designation
Chua Lynette Elm RC2-M-06 yncljcks@nus.edu.sg Rector and Associate Professor (Social Sciences)
Chew Suyin Elm RC2-01-07G 6601-3662 suyin.chew@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Dean, Elm College, Dean of Students Office and Lecturer
Kaliyaperumal Indrani Elm College Office 6601-3494 indra@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Manager
Banu Binte Syed Abdul Kadir Saeedah Elm College Office 6601-7813 saeedah@yale-nus.edu.sg Management Assistant Officer
Dure Olivia Albin Elm College Office oliviadure@yale-nus.edu.sg Residential Life Officer

Cendana College – Residential College 3

28 College Ave West (RC3), #01-501, Singapore 138533

Family Name Given
Unit No. Tel No. Email Address Designation
Bernasek Steven Cendana RC3-01-07B 6601-5254 steven.bernasek@yale-nus.edu.sg Rector and Professor (Science)
Keng Maggie Cendana College Office 6601-5159 maggie.keng@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Manager
Tam Serene Cendana College Office 6601-7564 serene.tam@yale-nus.edu.sg Management Assistant Officer


20 College Ave West, #03-401, Singapore 138529

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Phoon Rachel 6601-3062 rachel.phoon@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Associate Director
Nathan Jenany 6601-5439 jenany.n@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive

Educational Resources & Technology

20 College Ave West, #01-401, Singapore 138529

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Milne Ronald 6601-2080 ronald.milne@yale-nus.edu.sg Dean
Ong Ping Ping 6601-1382 pingping.ong@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Director
Chang Yueh Siang 6601-2406 siang@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Curator, Digital Historical Maps
Hang Hayley 6601-5161 hayley.hang@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Executive


18 College Ave West, #01-301, Singapore 138528

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Singh Gurjeet 6601-3951 gurjeet.singh@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Associate Director
bin Seri Md Shafei 6601-2491 mshafei@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Technical Manager
Binte Abu Talib Nabila 6601-5128 nabila.abutalib@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Manager (Arts Programmes)
Farhan Muhammad 6601-3169 m.farhan@yale-nus.edu.sg Manager, Fabrication Studios
Koh Niki 6601-7506 niki.koh@yale-nus.edu.sg Makerspace Specialist, Fabrication Studio
Bin Salim Muhammad Amir 6601-7810 amir.salim@yale-nus.edu.sg Makerspace Specialist, Fabrication Studio (Carpentry)
Bin Saleh Lutfi lutfi.saleh@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Manager (Lighting Technician)
Bin Kasmat Khairul khairul.kasmat@yale-nus.edu.sg Specialist Associate (Sound Technician)

Centre for Teaching & Learning

16 College Avenue West, #02-221, Singapore 138527

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Sanger Catherine 6601-3655 catherine.sanger@yale-nus.edu.sg Director
Seah Lily 6601-3603 lily.seah@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Executive

Educational Technology

20 College Ave West, #01-401, Singapore 138529

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Husaini Muhammad 6601-3173 mhusaini@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Educational Technologist
Binte Jupri Siti Fatimah 6601-3659 siti.fatimah@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Educational Technologist

IT Services

20 College Ave West, #01-401, Singapore 138529

Family Name Given Name Tel No. Email Address Designation
Tan Paul 6601-5620 paul.tan@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Associate Director
Animesh Nishith Bihari 6601-7538 nishith.animesh@yale-nus.edu.sg Lead Salesforce Developer
Cham Jin Wei 6601-4966 jinwei.cham@yale-nus.edu.sg Lead Systems Analyst
Guo Junjie 6601-3582 junjie.guo@yale-nus.edu.sg Lead Systems Analyst
Raina Paramdeep Singh 6601-3264 param.raina@yale-nus.edu.sg Lead Systems Engineer
Bernabe Vanessa 6601-4948 vanessa.bernabe@yale-nus.edu.sg Lead Applications Analyst
Tay Paul 6601-3692 paul.tay@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Web Developer
Zhang Yongkai 6601-2072 yongkai.zhang@yale-nus.edu.sg Web Developer
Ang Teck Hoe 6601-3330 teckhoe@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Manager (IT Support and Operations)
Qu Hongyu 6601-2600 hongyu.qu@yale-nus.edu.sg IT Support Officer
Bin Mohammad Anuar Muhammad Ihsan 6601-2600 ihsan@yale-nus.edu.sg IT Support Officer


20 College Ave West, #01-401, Singapore 138529

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Ramli Rindra 6601-5625 rindramr@yale-nus.edu.sg College Librarian
Sharma Priyanka 6601-3660 priyanka.sharma@yale-nus.edu.sg Principal Librarian
Dhaliwal Balbindar 6601-3649 balbindar.dhaliwal@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Librarian
Tang Chris 6601-3492 chris.tang@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Librarian
Seetoh Jadely 6601-3699 jadely@yale-nus.edu.sg Librarian
Quak Michelle 6601-3172 michelle.quak@yale-nus.edu.sg Research Technologist
Binte Mohamda Ruslan Sarah Aini 6601-3503 sarah.ruslan@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Manager
See James 6601-3986 james.see@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Executive

Media & Classroom Technology

18 College Ave West, #01-301, Singapore 138528

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Ong Eddie 6601-3959 eddie.ong@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Manager
Xu Wayne 6601-3497 waynexu@yale-nus.edu.sg Media Producer
Bin Salim Adi Sufian 6601-5123 adi.sufian@yale-nus.edu.sg Specialist Associate (Audio Visual)
Bin Mohd Yunos Muhammad Asyraf ‘Alauddin 6601-5123 asyrafalauddin@yale-nus.edu.sg Specialist Associate (Audio Visual)

Writers’ Centre

16 College Ave West #03-220, Singapore 138527

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Bergstrom Tait 6516-1293 tait.bergstrom@yale-nus.edu.sg Director
Gosselink Karin Jean yncgkj@nus.edu.sg Consultant


16 College Ave West #02-220, Singapore 138527

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Chan Joyce 6601-3490 joyce.chan@yale-nus.edu.sg Director
Lim Megan 6601-7324 megan.lim@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Associate Director
Lim Yvonne 6601-2493 yvonne.lim@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Manager
Poh Boon Kuan 6601-3329 bk82@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Manager
Fu Yanfeng 6601-3754 yanfeng.fu@yale-nus.edu.sg Manager
Tham Michelle 6601-2403 michelle.tham@yale-nus.edu.sg Manager
Leong Alice 6601-4946 alice.leong@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Manager
Lim Wallace 6601-3648 wallace.lim@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Manager
Wong Heng Ping 6601-5346 wong.hengping@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Executive
Guo Ting Jirapa 6601-5223 guoting@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive
Koh Jia Li 6601-7648 jiali.koh@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive
Yee Angeline 6601-3148 angeline.yee@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive
Chin Gary 6601-2418 gary.chin@yale-nus.edu.sg Management Assistant Officer

Human Resources

16 College Ave West #02-221, Singapore 138527

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Anthony Christopher 6601-2261 chris.anthony@yale-nus.edu.sg Director
Chung Bernard 6601-2490 bernard.chung@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Associate Director
Tam Quan Thien Huong 6601-2245 huong.tam@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Manager
Lim Elena 6601-3176 elena.lim@yale-nus.edu.sg Manager
Qing Ke 6601-3752 qing@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive

Infrastructure, Safety, & Security

16 College Ave West #01-221, Singapore 138527

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Aw Dennis 6601-5555 dennis.aw@yale-nus.edu.sg Director
Pebbisetty Radha 6601-3259 radha.pebbisetty@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Director (Health & Safety)
Chan Carlos 6601-3491 carlos.chan@yale-nus.edu.sg Manager, Engineering
Krishnan Sam Sansurash 6601-7311 san.k@yale-nus.edu.sg Security Manager
Yong Fun Sem 6601-3083 samyong@yale-nus.edu.sg Manager
Neo Janice 6601-7845 janice.neo@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Manager (Infrastructure)
Yee Xiu Hui 6601-5158 xiuhui.yee@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Executive
(Infrastructure, Safety & Health)
Berbasa Jayson Mojados 6601-3174 jayson.berbasa@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Executive
(Infrastructure, Safety & Health)
Kok Bernard 6601-3501 bernardk@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive
Chong Hui Yin 6601 3696 huiyin.chong@yale-nus.edu.sg Management Assistant Officer
Wong Anthony 6601-5693 anthony.wong@yale-nus.edu.sg Specialist Associate, Building & Facilities Management
Susanti Meri meri_susanti@yale-nus.edu.sg Security Supervisor
Vello Kasthuri kasz@yale-nus.edu.sg Security Supervisor
Panisilven Ramamoorthy 6601-5345 rama.moorthy@yale-nus.edu.sg Security Supervisor

Public Affairs

16 College Ave West, #01-220, Singapore 138527

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Soh Fiona 6601-2101 fiona.soh@yale-nus.edu.sg Director
Yeo Valerie 6601-3168 valerie.yeo@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Associate Director
Tay Jeannie 6601-4901 jeannie.tay@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Manager
Sun Joscelin 6601-5090 joscelin@yale-nus.edu.sg Manager
Chong Dorothy 6601-3379 dorothy.chong@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Manager
Wong Joshua 6601-2823 joshua.wong@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive


16 College Ave West #03-220, Singapore 138527

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Yeo Kelly 6601-3693 kelly.yeo@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Associate Director
Li Ketty 6601-2417 ketty.li@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Manager
Poon Joanne 6516-1392 joanne.poon@yale-nus.edu.sg Manager
Tan Karmen 6601-3998 karmen.tan@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Executive
Wong Hui Yuan 6601-4964 huiyuan@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Executive
Lim Nina 6601-3260 nina.lim@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive

Research & Grant Administration

16 College Ave West #03-220, Singapore 138527

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Annamalai Meenakshi 6516-2835 meena@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Director
Tan Kden 6601-3249 kden.tan@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Manager
Tan Rachael 6601-3954 rachael.tan@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Executive

Dean of Faculty Office

Family Name Given
Unit No. Tel No. Email Address Designation
Ickovics Jeannette East Core 03-03D 6601-3700 jeannette.ickovics@yale-nus.edu.sg Dean of Faculty
Lazar Nomi East Core 03-03G 6601-3960 nlazar@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Dean (Curriculum)
Shimazu Naoko Cendana RC3-01-03B 6601-3251 naoko.shimazu@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Dean (Faculty Development)
Seo Mira Elm RC2-01-01G 6601-3359 mira.seo@yale-nus.edu.sg Director, Common Curriculum
Hong Bee Kuen East Core Level 3 6601-2602 bkhong@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Manager
Ng Ethan East Core Level 3 6601-7954 ethan.ng@yale-nus.edu.sg Manager
Thia Ashlyn Saga RC1-01-05 6601-4955 ashlyn.thia@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Manager
Tam Serene 6601-7564 serene.tam@yale-nus.edu.sg Management Assistant Officer

Division of Humanities


Family Name Given
Unit No. Tel No. Email Address Designation
Wong Jessie Elm RC2-01-201 6601-3690 jess.w@yale-nus.edu.sg Divisional Manager
Koh Jade Elm RC2-01-201 6601-3653 jadekgh.koh@yale-nus.edu.sg Divisional Executive
Ang Claudine Saga RC1-01-03A 6601-3360 claudine.ang@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Bailey Andrew Saga RC1-02-06D 6601-3361 andrew.bailey@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Baker Geoffrey Saga RC1-02-03C 6601-5219 geoffrey.baker@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Bergstrom Tait Writers’ Centre 6516-1293 tait.bergstrom@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor of Practice and Director of Writers’ Centre
Boer Nienke Saga RC1-01-02B 6601-3415 nienke.boer@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Carpenter Amber D Elm RC2-01-07H 6601-3689 amber.carpenter@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Chen Yanyun Elm RC2-01-01E yanyun.chen@yale-nus.edu.sg Lecturer
Cook Scott Saga RC1-01-03C 6601-3584 scott.cook@yale-nus.edu.sg Tan Chin Tuan Professor
Dalton Emily Centre For Teaching & Learning Lounge emily.dalton@yale-nus.edu.sg Part-time Lecturer
Duffy Simon Centre For Teaching & Learning Lounge simon.duffy@yale-nus.edu.sg Part-time Senior Lecturer
Dupont Wannes Cendana RC3-02-02I 6516-5883 wannes.dupont@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Eaton Clay Keller Saga Workstation 6601-7556 clay.eaton@yale-nus.edu.sg Postdoctoral Fellow
Espadas Amparo Centre For Teaching & Learning Lounge amparo.espadas@yale-nus.edu.sg Part Time Lecturer
Field Sandra Elm RC2-02-01G 6601-3373 sandra.field@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Foo Carissa Cendana Editing Room 2 carissa.foo@yale-nus.edu.sg Lecturer
Green Steven James Cendana RC3 01-03A 6601-3656 steven.green@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Goldstein Kevin Cendana RC3-02-05D 6601-3295 kevin-goldstein@yale-nus.edu.sg Lecturer
Gosselink Karin yncgkj@nus.edu.sg Consultant, Writers’ Centre
Head Gretchen Cendana RC3-02-05H gretchen.head@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Hui Andrew Saga RC1-01-04D 6601-3364 andrew.hui@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Husk Jassy Centre For Teaching & Learning Lounge yncv133@nus.edu.sg Part-Time Lecturer
Jack James Elm RC2-01-01C 6601-6246 jack@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor of Practice
Kang Taran Saga RC1-01-03F 6601-3374 taran.kang@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Kaur Balli Writers’ Centre yncv261@nus.edu.sg Part Time Lecturer
Keating Colin Malcolm Elm RC2-02-04D 6601-5216 malcolm.keating@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Khoo Kiak Ern kiakern.khoo@yale-nus.edu.sg Part-Time Instructor
Lage-Otero Eduardo Saga RC1-01-03B 6601-3265 eduardo.lageotero@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Lecturer and Deputy Director, Language Studies
Lasthiotaki Ellie Centre For Teaching & Learning Lounge ellie.lasthiotaki@yale-nus.edu.sg Part Time Lecturer
Lee Chee Keng Cendana RC3-01-03H 6601-5160 leecheekeng@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor of Practice
Liu Cathay Saga RC1-02-02E 6601-3369 cathay.liu@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Ma Shao Ling Elm RC2-02-04F 6601-5218 shaoling.ma@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Mayer Ernst Emanuel Cendana RC3-02-05C 6601-3695 emanuel.mayer@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Mehta Neil Cendana RC3-02-02G 6601-3370 neil.mehta@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Muthukumaran Sureshkumar Elm-RC2-M Cubicle 6601-5626 sureshkumar@yale-nus.edu.sg Postdoctoral Fellow
Naoi Nozomi Elm RC2-01-01F 6601-3654 nozomi.naoi@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Nardin Jane Baron Saga RC1-01-05B jane.nardin@yale-nus.edu.sg Visiting Senior Fellow
Otto Ben Centre For Teaching & Learning Lounge ben.otto@yale-nus.edu.sg Part-time Lecturer
Patke Rajeev S Saga RC1-01-05G 6601-2824 rajeev.patke@yale-nus.edu.sg Director, Division of Humanities and Professor
Rigo Mate Saga RC1-01-03G 6601-5303 mate.rigo@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Seo Mira Elm RC2-01-01G 6601-3359 mira.seo@yale-nus.edu.sg Director, Common Curriculum and Associate Professor
Shimazu Naoko Cendana RC3-01-03B 6601-3251 naoko.shimazu@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Dean (Faculty Development) and Professor
Stalla Heidi Elm RC2-02-04C 6601-3701 heidi.stalla@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Tan Li-Jen East Core Level 3 6601-7509 ynctl@nus.edu.sg Research Associate
Tang Dongli Centre for Teaching & Learning Lounge yncv267@nus.edu.sg Part-time Lecturer
Taroutina Maria Elm RC2-02-04E 6601-3421 maria.taroutina@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Tyagi Ila Saga RC1-01-03D 6601-7555 ila.tyagi@yale-nus.edu.sg Lecturer
Walker Christine Saga RC1-01-03E 6601-5220 christine.walker@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Walker Matthew Cendana RC3-02-02F 6601-3372 matthew.walker@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
White Tom Centre for Teaching & Learning Lounge tom.white@yale-nus.edu.sg Part-time Tutor
Wong May Ee Centre for Teaching & Learning Lounge myewong@yale-nus.edu.sg Part-time Lecturer
Ypil Lawrence L. Saga RC1-02-02B 6601-5221 lawrence.ypil@yale-nus.edu.sg Lecturer
Zheng Robin Cendana RC3-02-05D 6601-5215 robin.zheng@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor

Division of Science

Family Name Given
Unit No. Tel No. Email Address Designation
Lim Jane Elm College Office 6601-5126 jane.lim@yale-nus.edu.sg Divisional Manager
Wu Wan Xin Elm College Office 6601-2603 wuwx@yale-nus.edu.sg Divisional Executive
Adam Shaffique Saga RC1-01-02A 6601-3175 shaffique.adam@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Agriento Raffaele Elm RC2-M-01E raffaele@yale-nus.edu.sg Visiting Associate Professor
Bernasek Steven Cendana RC3-01-07B 6601-5245 steven.bernasek@yale-nus.edu.sg Rector (Cendana College) and Professor
Beskos Alexandros Elm RC2-02-04D yncbesk@nus.edu.sg Visiting Associate Professor
Bettiol Andrew Saga RC1-01-03M yncbaa@nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Bodin Bruno Cendana RC3-01-03F 6601-7559 bruno.bodin@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
van Breugel Michiel Elm RC2-02-01F 6601-3705 michiel.vanbreugel@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Chan Kiat Hwa Elm RC2-M-07 6601-5089 kiathwa.chan@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Chen Zhang Saga Office Workstation 6601-3137 chen.zhang@yale-nus.edu.sg Lecturer
Cheung Maurice Elm RC2-02-01C 6601-5276 maurice.cheung@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Clarke Neil Cendana RC3-01-07B 6601-3357 neil.clarke@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Comaroff Joshua Saga RC1-01-03K 6516-1299 comaroff@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Danvy Olivier Saga RC1-02-02A 6601-3326 danvy@yale-nus.edu.sg Professor
De Iorio Maria Saga RC1-01-04C maria@yale-nus.edu.sg Professor
Entel Lucas Cendana RC3-02-05B 6601-32585 lucas.entel@yale-nus.edu.sg Lecturer
Gastner Michael Cendana RC3-02-05L 6601-5275 michael.gastner@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Gruber Jan Cendana RC3-02-02E 6601-3248 gruber@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Guo Amanda Centre For Teaching & Learning Lounge amanda.guo@yale-nus.edu.sg Part-time Lecturer
Harmston Nathan Saga RC1-02-03B 6601-3047 nathan.harmston@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Heinecke Andreas Cendana RC3-02-04D 6601-5251 andreas.heinecke@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Ho Derek Elm RC2-M Cubicle derek.ho@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Research Fellow
Hobor Aquinas Elm RC2-02-04H 6601-3583 aquinas@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Johns Philip Cendana RC3-02-04A 6601-5248 philip.johns@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Lecturer
Khoo Hoon Eng Saga RC1-01-06A 6516-3035 hooneng.khoo@yale-nus.edu.sg Rector (Saga College) and Associate Professor
Mathuru Ajay Sriram Saga RC1-02-02D 6601-5312 ajay.mathuru@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Miniatura Christian cqtmc@nus.edu.sg Visiting Research Professor
McAdoo Brian Elm RC2-02-01B 6601-3250 brian.mcadoo@yale-nus.edu.sg Professor
Momsen Felix Centre For Teaching & Learning Lounge yncv260@nus.edu.sg Part-time Lecturer
Monteiro Antonia Saga RC1-01-04L 6601-3418 antonia.monteiro@nus.edu.sg Professor
Ng Hui Khoon Saga RC1-01-04H 6601-3378 huikhoon.ng@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Olsen Ben Saga RC1-02-06A 6601-7557 ben.olsen@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Pohl Sebastian Saga Work Station 6601-3657 sebastian.pohl@yale-nus.edu.sg Lecturer
Pointing Stephen Saga RC1-01-05C 6601-2593 stephen.pointing@yale-nus.edu.sg Director, Division of Science and Professor
Presolski Stanislav Cendana RC3-02-05E 6601-5246 stanislav.presolski@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Reiss Bob Writers’ Centre bobreiss@yale-nus.edu.sg Visiting Senior Lecturer
Rodin Aleksandr Cendana RC3-02-04K 6601-7559 aleksandr.rodin@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Saranathan Vinodkumar Saga RC1-02-3D 6601-5313 vinodkumar.saranathan@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Sergey Ilya Cendana RC3-01-03E 6516-1903 ilya.sergey@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Sharon Chelsea Saga RC1-01-03M 6601-7558 chelsea.sharon@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Smith David Andrew Cendana RC3-02-02C 6601-5249 dave.smith@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Spagnuolo Francesca Elm RC2-01-01H 6601-7560 fspagnuolo@yale-nus.edu.sg Lecturer
Stamps Matthew Elm RC2-02-01D 6601-5247 matt.stamps@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Tan Eunice Jingmei Elm RC2-01-01E 6601-3414 eunice.tan@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Tan Robby Cendana RC3-02-04L 6601-5250 robby.tan@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Thamattoor Dasan Saga RC01-02-02D dasan.thamattoor@yale-nus.edu.sg Visiting Professor
Tolwinski Nicholas Saga RC1-02-02C 6601-3092 nicholas.tolwinski@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
van den Boom Willem Elm RC2-02-04B 6601-5247 willem@yale-nus.edu.sg Research Fellow
Voicu Razvan Centre For Teaching & Learning Lounge dcsrazv@nus.edu.sg Part-time Lecturer
Wainwright Benjamin Elm RC2-M-04 ben.wainwright@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Wertz Timothy Elm RC2-02-01E 6601-5277 tim.wertz@yale-nus.edu.sg Lecturer
Zhuang Bilin Saga RC1-01-04I 6601-2407 zhuang.bilin@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Ng Li Fang 6601-3266 lifang.ng@yale-nus.edu.sg Head of Laboratories
Kaur Prameet E6 Laboratory prameet.kaur@yale-nus.edu.sg Laboratory Manager
Ong Wei Qiang CREATE 6601-5632 weiqiang.ong@yale-nus.edu.sg Laboratory Manager
Chiang Winnie Science Blk, EC-03-18 6601-3663 winnie.chiang@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Laboratory Executive
Aw Jia Hui Science Blk, EC-03-18 6601-4950 jiahui.aw@yale-nus.edu.sg Laboratory Executive
Poh Yan Hong Science Blk, EC-03-18 6601-3081 yanhong.poh@yale-nus.edu.sg Laboratory Executive
Sim Joo Huang Science Blk, EC-03-18 6601-5278 joohuang.sim@yale-nus.edu.sg Laboratory Executive

Division of Social Sciences

Family Name Given
Unit No. Tel No. Email Address Designation
Yeo Daniel Saga RC1-01-101 6601-5091 daniel.yeo@yale-nus.edu.sg Divisional Manager
Tan Jolene Dean’s Office, Elm College, Level 1 6601-7861 jolene.tan@yale-nus.edu.sg Divisional Executive
Asplund Christopher Cendana RC3-02-02H 6601-3327 chris.asplund@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Chan Elton Saga RC1-02-06B 6601-5289 elton.chan@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Chidambaram Ravi Centre For Teaching & Learning Lounge yncrc@nus.edu.sg Adjunct Professor (Part-Time)
Cheung Hoi Shan Saga RC1-02-03E 6601-2821 hoishan@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Choo Eugene Saga RC1-01-03L 6601-3244 eugene.choo@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Chua Beng Huat Elm RC2-01-01B 6601-3665 chua.benghuat@yale-nus.edu.sg Professor
Chua Lynette Elm RC2-M-06 yncljcks@nus.edu.sg Rector (Elm College) and Associate Professor
Cordoso Ricardo Cendana RC3-02-04G 6516-1284 ricardoso@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Cuba Lee James Centre for International & Professional Experience Office lee.cuba@yale-nus.edu.sg Visiting Professor
Debs Alexandre Saga RC1-01-04F alexandre.debs@yale-nus.edu.sg Visiting Associate Professor
Debs Mira Saga RC1-01-04F mira.debs@yale-nus.edu.sg Visiting Lecturer
Deng Liuchun Cendana RC3-02-05A 6516-1292 liuchun.deng@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Dennig Francis Elm RC2-01-01A 6601-5280 francis.dennig@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Driffill Edward John Saga RC1-01-05F 6601-3325 john.driffill@yale-nus.edu.sg Visiting Professor
Ewick Patricia M Elm RC2-M-08 patricia.ewick@yale-nus.edu.sg Visiting Professor
Gomes Bjorn Cendana RC3-02-05B 6601-3118 bjorn.gomes@yale-nus.edu.sg Lecturer
Howlett Zachary Saga RC1-02-02B 6601-5304 zachary.howlett@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Hsu Angel Saga RC1-02-03A 6601-5282 angel.hsu@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Huang Chin Hao Cendana RC3-02-05K 6601-5290 chinhao.huang@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Ickovics Jeannette East Core 03-03D 6601-6245 jeannette.ickovics@yale-nus.edu.sg Dean of Faculty and Visiting Professor
Jacobs Jane M Cendana RC3-02-05M 6601-2820 jane.jacobs@yale-nus.edu.sg Professor
Joshi Yogesh Centre For Teaching & Learning Lounge isasyj@nus.edu.sg Research Fellow
Kapur Basant Centre For Teaching & Learning Lounge ecskapur@nus.edu.sg Adjunct Professor
Keng Shian Ling Elm RC2-M-02 6601-5537 kengsl@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Koch Gabriele Elm RC2-M-03 6601-5306 gabriele.koch@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Koh Tsin Yen Elm RC2-M Cubicle tsinyen@yale-nus.edu.sg Postdoctoral Fellow
Kulkarni Parashar Saga RC1-01-04E 6601-5296 parashar.kulkarni@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Lam Wing Tung Elm RC2-02-04B 6601-3358 wingtung.lam@yale-nus.edu.sg Lecturer
Lazar Nomi Cendana RC3-02-04D 6601-3960 nlazar@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor and Associate Dean (Curriculum)
Lei Yu-Hsiang Cendana RC3-02-04N 6601-5543 yuhsiang.lei@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Liu Jean Cendana RC3-02-05J 6601-3694 jeanliu@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Mahadev Neena Cendana RC3-02-02B 6601-6241 neena.mahadev@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Maiorano Diego Centre For Teaching & Learning Lounge isasmd@nus.edu.sg Visiting Research Fellow
Maniates Michael Saga RC1-01-04G 6601-3423 michael.maniates@yale-nus.edu.sg Professor
Medrano Anthony Saga RC1-01-04G 6601-3082 anthony.medrano@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor, NUS Presidential Young Professor
Montefrio Marvin Saga RC1-02-03D 6601-5297 marvin.montefrio@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Mukherjee Rohan Cendana RC3-01-3C 6601-5292 rohan.mukherjee@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Nardin Terry Saga RC1-01-05B 6601-3417 tnardin@nus.edu.sg Acting Director, Division of Social Sciences and Professor
O’Keefe Paul A Saga RC1-01-04B 6601-3698 paul.okeefe@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Oliver Steven Matthew Saga RC1-01-02C 6601-3243 steven.oliver@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Paul Anju Mary Saga RC1-01-03N 6601-3267 anju.paul@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Riambau Guilem Centre For Teaching & Learning Lounge ecsgra@nus.edu.sg Senior Lecturer
Roberts Joanne East Core 03-03F 6601-3700 joanne.roberts@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive Vice President (Academic Affairs) and Professor
Sanger Catherine Centre for Teaching & Learning RC2-M-01F 6601-3655 catherine.sanger@yale-nus.edu.sg Director, Centre for Teaching & Learning and Senior Lecturer
Schneider-Mayerson Matthew Elm RC2-M-08 6601-5283 schneider-mayerson@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Stern Justin Cendana RC3-02-04C 6601-2399 justin.stern@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Strange Stuart Earle Elm RC2-M-06 6601-5293 strange@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Tarnopolsky Christina Elm RC2-02-01H 6601-3381 christina.tarnopolsky@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Ting Vania Yip Saga RC1-01-03D vania.yip@yale-nus.edu.sg Lecturer
Toha Risa Saga RC1-01-03I 6601-5291 risa.toha@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Van Hollen Cecilia Cendana RC3-02-02A 6601-7561 cecilia.vanhollen@yale-nus.edu.sg Professor
Wynn Karen Elm RC2-01-01E karen.wynn@yale-nus.edu.sg Visiting J Y Pillay Professor
Xia Xing Cendana RC3-02-04F 6601-5544 xing.xia@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Yew Wei Lit Saga Workstation 6601-7808 weilit.yew@yale-nus.edu.sg Postdoctoral Fellow
Zhang Jianlin Centre For Teaching & Learning Lounge ecszjil@nus.edu.sg Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Zuin Valentina Cendana RC3-02-05F 6601-6242 valentina.zuin@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor of Practice