Staff Directory

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President’s Office

20 College Ave West, #03-401, Singapore 138529

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Lewis Pericles 6601-3295 pericles.lewis@yale-nus.edu.sg President
Lim Nicola 6601-3295 nicola.lim@yale-nus.edu.sg Personal Assistant to Professor Lewis
Tan Tai Yong 6601-2100 taiyong.tan@yale-nus.edu.sg President-Designate
Lau Kelly 6601-2100 kelly.lau@yale-nus.edu.sg Personal Assistant to Professor Tan
Yap Zhi Wen 6601-5214 zhiwenyap@yale-nus.edu.sg Programme Executive
Ng Cheng Jin 6601-3011 chengjin.ng@yale-nus.edu.sg Coordinator, Transport & Logistics


Executive Vice President, Academic Affairs

20 College Ave West, #03-401, Singapore 138529

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Bernasek Steven 6601-5245 steven.bernasek@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive Vice President
(Academic Affairs)
Raj Navin 6601-3061 navin@yale-nus.edu.sg

Director (Academic Affairs) and Senior Lecturer

Bain Diana 6601-2655 diana.bain@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Manager


Executive Vice President, Administration

20 College Ave West, #03-401, Singapore 138529

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Lynas Kristen 6601-5129 k.lynas@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive Vice President
Low Karen 6601-5162 karen.low@yale-nus.edu.sg Personal Assistant


Institutional Affairs

20 College Ave West, #03-401, Singapore 138529

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Brandon-King Sohini 6601-3958 sohini.brandon-king@yale-nus.edu.sg Director
(Institutional Affairs)
Terela Peter 6601-3012 peter.terela@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Director
(Institutional Affairs)
Berhane Samson 6601-5622 samson.berhane@yale-nus.edu.sg Manager
(Institutional Affairs)


Governing Board Secretariat

20 College Ave West, #03-401, Singapore 138529

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Teo Karen 6601-2601 karen.teo@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Manager


Admissions & Financial Aid

16 College Ave West, #01-220, Singapore 138527

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Severin Laura 6601-3605 laura.severin@yale-nus.edu.sg Director
Seah Jasmine 6601-2489 jasmine.seah@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Associate Director
Tan Esther 6601-3502 esther.tan@yale-nus.edu.sg Manager
(Enrollment Operations)
Schroeder Lauren 6601-2421 lauren.schroeder@yale-nus.edu.sg Manager
Neo Iris 6601-1452 iris.neo@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Manager
Rahman Hani Chiyomi 6601-5244 hani.rahman@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Manager
Wong Jennifer 6601-2396 jennifer.wong@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Manager
Cho Daniel 6601-4952 daniel.cho@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Admissions Counsellor
Kong Delin 6601-3083 delin.kong@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Admissions Counsellor
Royster David 6601-4953 david.royster@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Admissions Counsellor
Kent Daniel 6601-1895 daniel.kent@yale-nus.edu.sg Admissions Counsellor
Tan Hui Fang 6601-5088 huifang.tan@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive
Binte Suab Hanifah 6601-5131 hanifah.suab@yale-nus.edu.sg Receptionist
Hassan Masita 6601-2395 masita.hassan@yale-nus.edu.sg Management Assistant Officer


Arts & Media

18 College Ave West, #01-301, Singapore 138528

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Singh Gurjeet 6601-3951 gurjeet.singh@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Director
bin Seri Md Shafei 6601-2491 mshafei@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Technical Manager
Ong Eddie 6601-3959 eddie.ong@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Manager
Xu Wayne 6601-3497 waynexu@yale-nus.edu.sg Media Producer
Binte Abu Talib Nabila 6601-5128 nabila.abutalib@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive
Farhan Muhammad 6601-3169 m.farhan@yale-nus.edu.sg Staging Manager
Bin Kasmat Khairul khairul.kasmat@yale-nus.edu.sg Specialist Associate (Sound Technician)
Bin Saleh Lutfi lutfi.saleh@yale-nus.edu.sg Specialist Associate (Lighting Technician)
Bin Salim Adi Sufian 6601-5123 adi.sufian@yale-nus.edu.sg Specialist Associate (Audio Visual)
Bin Mohd Yunos Muhammad Asyraf ‘Alauddin 6601-5123 asyrafalauddin@yale-nus.edu.sg Specialist Associate (Audio Visual)


Centre for International & Professional Experience (CIPE)

12 College Ave West #01-202, Singapore 138610

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Craig Trisha 6601-5127 trisha.craig@yale-nus.edu.sg Dean and Senior Lecturer
Tan Wendy 6601-3606 wendy.tan@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Manager
Ng Norvin 6601-2599 norvin.ng@yale-nus.edu.sg Director
(Career Services)
Wilt Paul 6601-2419 paul.wilt@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Director
(Career Services)
Won Nayoung 6601-3691 nayoung.won@yale-nus.edu.sg Programme Manager
(Career Services)
Tan Joanna 6601-3995 joanna.tan@yale-nus.edu.sg Programme Manager
(Career Services)
Lim Adelle 6601-3495 adelle.lim@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Director,
Co-curricular Programmes & Special Projects
Lim Amanda 6601-5130 amanda.lim@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Executive
Kapustin Nikolai 6601-3498 nikolai.kapustin@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Executive
Allen Lindsay 6601-3604 lindsay.allen@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Director
(International Programmes)
Goh Fang Wei 6601-2822 fangwei.goh@yale-nus.edu.sg Programme Manager
(International Programmes)
Uding Beth 6601-3263 beth.uding@yale-nus.edu.sg Programme Manager
(International Programmes)
Pal Nilanjana 6601-3268 nilanjana.pal@yale-nus.edu.sg Director
(Leadership & Global Citizenship)
Evans Charlotte 6601-3988 charlotte.evans@yale-nus.edu.sg Programme Manager
(Leadership & Global Citizenship)
Sandeva Zhana 6601-3246 zhana.sandeva@yale-nus.edu.sg Programme Manager
(Leadership & Global Citizenship)
Tan Yock Theng 6601-3703 yocktheng.tan@yale-nus.edu.sg Programme Manager
(Leadership & Global Citizenship)


Dean of Students Office

20 College Ave West, #03-403, Singapore 138529

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Bridges Chris 6601-3060 chrisbridges@yale-nus.edu.sg Dean of Students and Senior Lecturer
Tung Jenny 6601-3091 jenny.tung@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive
Low Peter 6601-5692 peter.low@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Director
(Athletics, Health & Wellness)
Ho Shee Wai 6601-5279 sheewai@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Director
(Head, Wellness Centre)
Li Ling 6601-5344 ling.li@yale-nus.edu.sg Manager (Athletics)
Loe Andy 6601-5624 andy.loe@yale-nus.edu.sg Manager (Athletics & Adventure)
Ahl Claudia 6601-4951 claudia.ahl@yale-nus.edu.sg Psychologist (Part-Time)
Cristofari Saveria 6601-3646 saveria@yale-nus.edu.sg Counsellor
Yek Doris 6601-3658 doris.yek@yale-nus.edu.sg Health Coordinator
McGeehan Andrew 6601-5163 andrew.mcgeehan@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Manager, Residential Life
Amjad Sara 6601-3500 sara.amjad@yale-nus.edu.sg Manager, Diversity & Inclusion
Loh Petrina 6601-5619 petrina.loh@yale-nus.edu.sg Manager, Student Organisations & Leadership
Thia Shirley 6601-5617 shirley.thia@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Executive
Tan Marilyn 6601-5347 marilyn.tan@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive


Student Services

16 College Ave West, #03-220, Singapore 138527

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Fraser Karla 6601-4945 karla.fraser@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Director, Student Services
Ho Yu Ling 6601-3647 yuling@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Manager, Student Services
Liong Wai Loon 6601-5556 wailoon.liong@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Executive, Student Services


Saga College – Residential College 1

10 College Ave West, #01-101, Singapore 138609

Family Name Given
Unit No. Tel No. Email Address Designation
Weiss Sarah RC1-01-06A 6601-3499 sarah.weiss@yale-nus.edu.sg Rector and Associate Professor (Humanities)
Lage-Otero Eduardo RC1-01-06B 6601-3265 eduardo.lageotero@yale-nus.edu.sg Vice Rector and Lecturer (Spanish)
Ngu Hui Tze 6601-3650 huitze.ngu@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Executive
Baker Brea brea-baker@yale-nus.edu.sg Dean’s Fellow
Chan Neil neil.chan@yale-nus.edu.sg Dean’s Fellow
Iordache Iulia iulia.iordache@yale-nus.edu.sg Dean’s Fellow
Ojukwu Emeka emeka.ojukwu@yale-nus.edu.sg Dean’s Fellow


Elm College – Residential College 2

12 College Ave West, #01-201, Singapore 138610

Family Name Given
Unit No. Tel No. Email Address Designation
McAdoo Brian RC2-01-07H 6601-3250 brian.mcadoo@yale-nus.edu.sg Rector and Professor (Science)
Chew Suyin RC2-01-07G 6601-3662 suyin.chew@yale-nus.edu.sg Vice Rector and Lecturer
Kaliyaperumal Indrani 6601-3494 indra@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Manager
Carcedo Julmar julmar.carcedo@yale-nus.edu.sg Dean’s Fellow
Safir Salman salman-safir@yale-nus.edu.sg Dean’s Fellow
Soto Michelle michelle.soto@yale-nus.edu.sg Dean’s Fellow


Cendana College – Residential College 3

28 College Ave West (RC3), #01-501, Singapore 138533

Family Name Given
Unit No. Tel No. Email Address Designation
Clarke Neil RC3-01-07B 6601-3419 neil.clarke@yale-nus.edu.sg Rector and
Associate Professor (Science)
Sanger Catherine RC3-01-07A 6601-3655 catherine.sanger@yale-nus.edu.sg Vice Rector and
Lecturer (Global Affairs)
Keng Maggie 6601-5159 maggie.keng@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Executive
Dangaran D d.dangaran@yale-nus.edu.sg Dean’s Fellow
Lee Joanna joanna.lee@yale-nus.edu.sg Dean’s Fellow
McGregor Sanna sanna.mcgregor@yale-nus.edu.sg Dean’s Fellow
Stefanik Christopher christopher.stefanik@yale-nus.edu.sg Dean’s Fellow


Design & Construction

Family Name Given
Unit No. Tel No. Email Address Designation
Ng Chin Fei Site Office 9387-0856 yncncf@nus.edu.sg Senior Project Manager



20 College Ave West, #03-401, Singapore 138529

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Loo Andy 6601-3063 andy.loo@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Associate Director
Phoon Rachel 6601-3062 rachel.phoon@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Director
Lopes-Lam Joella 6601-3416 joella.lopeslam@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive


Educational Resources & Technology

20 College Ave West, #01-401, Singapore 138529

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Milne Ronald 6601-2080 ronald.milne@yale-nus.edu.sg Dean
Pakir Kiran 6601-3010 kiran.pakir@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Associate Director
Seah Cindy 6601-3659 cindy.seah@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Manager
Husaini Muhammad 6601-3173 mhusaini@yale-nus.edu.sg Educational Technologist
Quak Michelle 6601-3172 michelle.quak@yale-nus.edu.sg Research Technologist
Koh Ashley 6601-5161 ashley.koh@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Executive


Infrastructure, Safety, & Security

16 College Ave West #01-221, Singapore 138527

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Aw Dennis 6601-5555 dennis.aw@yale-nus.edu.sg Director
Goh Chee Keong 6601-3501 cheekeong.goh@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Manager, Engineering
Heng Jimmy 6601-5695 jimmyheng@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Manager (Facilities Operations)
Pebbisetty Radha 6601-3259 radha.pebbisetty@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Safety & Health Manager
Yee Xiu Hui 6601-5158 xiuhui.yee@yale-nus.edu.sg Project Administrator
(Infrastructure, Safety & Health)
Mohan Prasanna 6601-3174 prasanna.mohan@yale-nus.edu.sg Engineer
Teo Li Ting 6601-3702 liting.teo@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive
Teng Christine 6601-3696 christine.teng@yale-nus.edu.sg Administrative Executive
Wong Anthony 6601-5693 anthony.wong@yale-nus.edu.sg Specialist Associate
(Building & Facilities Management)
Othman Jamaludin 6601-5345 jamaludin@yale-nus.edu.sg Security Supervisor
Abdul Rahim Muhammad Noor muhd.noor@yale-nus.edu.sg Security Officer
Hassan Mohamad Noor mohd.hassan@yale-nus.edu.sg Security Officer
Bin Samuri Sulaimi sulaimi.samuri@yale-nus.edu.sg Security Officer
Vello Kasthuri kasz@yale-nus.edu.sg Security Officer



16 College Ave West #02-220, Singapore 138527

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Khoo Ai Lin 6601-3490 ailin.khoo@yale-nus.edu.sg Director
Lim Adeline 6601-3580 adeline.lim@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Manager
Lum Serene 6601-2493 serene.lum@yale-nus.edu.sg Manager
Tham Michelle 6601-2403 michelle.tham@yale-nus.edu.sg Manager
Leong Alice 6601-4946 alice.leong@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Manager
Tan Wendy 6601-3648 wendyws.tan@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Manager
Lau Vivien 6601-5223 vivien.lau@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive
Ou Amy 6601-3952 amy.ou@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive
Tan Kden 6601-3249 kden.tan@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive
Wong Heng Ping 6601-5346 wong.hengping@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive
Chin Gary 6601-2418 gary.chin@yale-nus.edu.sg Management Assistant Officer


Human Resources

16 College Ave West #02-221, Singapore 138527

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Anthony Christopher 6601-2261 chris.anthony@yale-nus.edu.sg Director
Poon Wai Leong 6601-2490 waileong.poon@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Director
Tam Quan Thien Huong 6601-2245 huong.tam@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Manager
Lee Joyce 6601-2397 joyce.lee@yale-nus.edu.sg Manager
Lim Elena 6601-3176 elena.lim@yale-nus.edu.sg Manager
Tan Fionn 6601-5536 fionn.tan@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive



20 College Ave West, #01-401, Singapore 138529

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Dhaliwal Balbindar 6601-3649 balbindar.dhaliwal@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Librarian
Sharma Priyanka 6601-3660 priyanka.sharma@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Librarian
Wheeler Joy 6601-3492 joy.wheeler@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Librarian
Seetoh Jadely 6601-3699 jadely@yale-nus.edu.sg Librarian
Binte Mohamda Ruslan Sarah Aini 6601-3503 sarah.ruslan@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Executive


Information Technology (IT) Services

20 College Ave West, #01-401, Singapore 138529

Family Name Given Name Tel No. Email Address Designation
Tan Paul 6601-5620 paul.tan@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Director
Cham Jin Wei 6601-4966 jinwei.cham@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Systems Analyst
Bernabe Vanessa 6601-4948 vanessa.bernabe@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Applications Analyst
Yasith Shawn 6601-3330 shawn.yasith@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Manager
Tay Paul 6601-3692 paul.tay@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Manager, Web Development
Qu Hongyu 6601-2600 hongyu.qu@yale-nus.edu.sg IT Support Officer
Bin Mohammad Anuar Muhammad Ihsan 6601-2600 ihsan@yale-nus.edu.sg Specialist Associate


Public Affairs

16 College Ave West, #01-220, Singapore 138527

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Soh Fiona 6601-2101 fiona.soh@yale-nus.edu.sg Director
Yeo Valerie 6601-3168 valerie.yeo@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Associate Director
Rozells Alyson 6516-8787 alyson.rozells@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Manager
Tay Jeannie 6601-4901 jeannie.tay@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Manager
Low Julian 6601-2823 julian.low@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Executive
Wang Melissa 6601-5090 melissa.wang@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Executive
Poon Yee Suan 6601-5621 yeesuan.poon@yale-nus.edu.sg Project Officer



16 College Ave West #03-220, Singapore 138527

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Yeo Kelly 6601-3693 kelly.yeo@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Associate Director
Sim Mong Wey 6601-4965 mongwey.sim@yale-nus.edu.sg Manager
Li Ketty 6601-2417 ketty.li@yale-nus.edu.sg Manager
Wong Hui Yuan 6601-4964 huiyuan@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Executive
Tan Karmen 6601-3998 karmen.tan@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive


Research & Grant Administration

16 College Ave West #03-220, Singapore 138527

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Kwan Grace 6601-3582 grace.kwan@yale-nus.edu.sg Manager
Goh Sherlyn 6601-3954 sherlyn.goh.xue.lin@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive
(Research Administration)
Hong Xinlei 6601-5439 xinlei.hong@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive
(Research Administration)


Writers’ Centre

16 College Ave West #03-220, Singapore 138527

Family Name Given
Tel No. Email Address Designation
Hemley Robin 6601-3420 robin.hemley@yale-nus.edu.sg Director
Stalla Heidi 6601-3701 heidi.stalla@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Director of the Writing Programme


Dean of Faculty

Family Name Given
Unit No. Tel No. Email Address Designation
Roberts Joanne Saga RC1-01-02A 6516-3700 joanne.roberts@yale-nus.edu.sg Dean of Faculty
Khoo Hoon Eng East Core 03-04 6516-3035 hooneng.khoo@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Dean (Academic Affairs)
Raver Jenifer Saga RC1-01-05E 6601-3581 jenifer.raver@yale-nus.edu.sg Director
Nardin Terry Cendana RC3-01-03D 6601-3417 tnardin@yale-nus.edu.sg Director, Common Curriculum
Chua Althea East Core EC-03 6601-2602 althea.chua@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Manager (Curriculum Matters)
Thia Ashlyn Saga RC1-01-05 6601-4955 ashlyn.thia@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Executive


Division of Humanities

Family Name Given
Unit No. Tel No. Email Address Designation
Mohammad Saleh Mastura Elm RC2-01-201 6601-3664 mastura.saleh@yale-nus.edu.sg Divisional Manager
Wong Jessie Elm RC2-01-201 6601-3690 jess.w@yale-nus.edu.sg Manager
Seah Lily Elm RC2-02-221 6601-3603 lily.seah@yale-nus.edu.sg Executive (Centre for Teaching and Learning, Arts & Music)
Ang Claudine Saga RC1-01-03A 6601-3360 claudine.ang@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Bailey Andrew Saga RC1-02-06D 6601-3361 andrew.bailey@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Baker Geoffrey Saga RC1-02-03C  6601-5219 geoffrey.baker@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Boer Nienke Saga RC1-01-02B 6601-3415 nienke.boer@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Carpenter Amber D Cendana RC3-01-03F 6601-3689 amber.carpenter@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Chirapravati Pattaron Cendana RC3-02-02A 6601-0227 pchirapravati@yale-nus.edu.sg Visiting Professor
Cook Scott Saga RC1-01-03C 6601-3584 scott.cook@yale-nus.edu.sg Professor
Duffy Simon Elm RC2-02-04C 6601-3422 simon.duffy@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Lecturer
Fantauzzo Laurel Writer’s Centre 6601-5244 laurel.fantauzzo@yale-nus.edu.sg Writing Instructor
Fenn Nirmali Saga RC1-01-03G  6601-5314 nirmali.fenn@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor of Practice
Field Sandra Elm RC2-02-01G 6601-3373 sandra.field@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Flood Gavin Cendana RC3-02-05A 6601-2821 gavin.flood@yale-nus.edu.sg Professor
Foo Carissa carissa.foo@yale-nus.edu.sg Lecturer
Gargiulo Jennifer M jennifer.gargiulo@yale-nus.edu.sg Lecturer
Geier Fabian Cendana RC3-03-04H fabian.geier@yale-nus.edu.sg Visiting Assistant Professor
Green Steven James Cendana RC3-01-03A 6601-3656 steven.green@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Lecturer
Hanser Jessica Saga RC1-01-03K 6601-3363 jessica.hanser@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
He Jingyin (Jon) jon.he@yale-nus.edu.sg Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow
Head Gretchen Cendana RC3-01-03E gretchen.head@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Hemley Robin Writer’s Centre 6601-3420 robin.hemley@yale-nus.edu.sg Professor
Hu Jing Saga RC1-01-04A 6601-3961 jing.hu@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Lecturer
Hui Andrew Saga RC1-01-04D 6601-3364 andrew.hui@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Kang Taran Saga RC1-01-03F 6601-3374 taran.kang@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Keating Colin Malcolm Elm RC2-02-04D 6601-5216 malcolm.keating@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Lee Chee Keng Cendana RC3-01-03H 6601-5160 leecheekeng@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Liu Cathay Saga RC1-02-02E 6601-3369 cathay.liu@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Liu Petrus Elm RC2-02-04A 6601-3358 petrus.liu@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Ma Shao Ling Elm RC2-02-04F 6601-5218 shaoling.ma@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Mayer Ernst Emanuel Cendana RC3-02-05C 6601-3695 emanuel.mayer@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Mehta Neil Cendana RC3-02-02G 6601-3370 neil.mehta@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Morse Meredith Cendana RC3-02-04B 6601-5214 meredith.morse@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Narayan Rochisha Saga RC1-01-02A 6601-5303 rochisha.narayan@yale-nus.edu.sg Visiting Assistant Professor
Naoi Nozomi nozomi.naoi@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Parayitam Pramodini dini.parayitam@yale-nus.edu.sg Lecturer
Patke Rajeev S Saga RC1-01-05G 6601-2824 rajeev.patke@yale-nus.edu.sg Director, Division of Humanities and Professor
Peña-Gutiérrez Raquel Cendana RC3-02-05M 6601-3953 raquel.pena@yale-nus.edu.sg Lecturer
Ratcliff Jessica Cendana RC3-02-04E 6601-3371 jessica.ratcliff@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Seo Mira Elm RC2-01-01G 6601-3359 mira.seo@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Shimazu Naoko Cendana RC3-01-03B 6601-3251 naoko.shimazu@yale-nus.edu.sg Professor
Silins Nicholas Cendana RC3-01-03B 6601-3417 nico.silins@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Stalla Heidi Writer’s Centre heidi.stalla@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor and Associate Director of the Writing Programme
Tarnopolsky Christina Elm RC2-02-01H 6601-3381 christina.tarnopolsky@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Taroutina Maria Elm RC2-02-04E 6601-3421 maria.taroutina@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Walker Christine Saga RC1-01-03E 6601-5220 ynccmw@nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Walker Matthew Cendana RC3-02-02F 6601-3372 matthew.walker@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Weiss Sarah Saga Rector’s Office 6601-3499 sarah.weiss@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor and Rector
Ypil Lawrence L. Writer’s Centre 6601-5221 lawrence.ypil@yale-nus.edu.sg Writing Instructor
Zheng Robin Cendana RC3-02-05D 6601-5215 yncrz@nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor


Division of Science

Family Name Given
Unit No. Tel No. Email Address Designation
Abdul Wahid Aniza Cendana RC3-01-501 6601-5126 aniza@yale-nus.edu.sg Divisional Manager
Sulaiman Suhana Cendana RC3-01-501 6601-2603 suhana.sulaiman@yale-nus.edu.sg Divisional Executive
Adam Shaffique Cendana RC3-02-04K 6601-3175 shaffique.adam@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Bailyn Charles 6601-3175 charles.bailyn@yale-nus.edu.sg Visiting Professor
Bernasek Steven Saga RC1-01-05C 6601-5245 steven.bernasek@yale-nus.edu.sg Dean of Faculty and Professor
Berrick Jon Saga RC1-02-03E 6601-2863 jon.berrick@yale-nus.edu.sg Professor
Bettiol Andrew Saga RC1-01-03M yncbaa@nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
van Breugel Michiel Elm RC2-02-01F 6601-3705 michiel.vanbreugel@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Bussell Mark Edward Saga RC1-01-05B 6601-3285 mark.bussell@yale-nus.edu.sg Director, Division of Science and Professor
Chan Kiat Hwa Elm RC2-M-07 6601-5089 kiathwa.chan@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Cheung Maurice Elm RC2-02-01C 6601-5276 maurice.cheung@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Clarke Neil Cendana RC3-01-07B 6601-3419 neil.clarke@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor and Rector
Doctor Thomas Saga RC1-01-03M thomas.doctor@yale-nus.edu.sg Postdoctoral Fellow
Gastner Michael Cendana RC3-02-05L 6601-5275 michael.gastner@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Gruber Jan Elm RC2-01-01E 6601-3248 yncjg@nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Harrison Leslie John Cendana RC3-02-04H 6601-3657 leslie.harrison@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Lecturer
Heinecke Andreas Saga RC1-02-02B 6601-5251 andreas.heinecke@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Hobor Aquinas  Elm RC2-02-04H 6601-3583 aquinas@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Johns Philip Cendana RC3-02-04A 6601-5248 philip.johns@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Kang Hway Chuan Cendana RC3-02-02E 6601-2833 hwaychuan.kang@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Mathuru Ajay Sriram Saga RC1-02-02D ajay.mathuru@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
McAdoo Brian Elm Rector’s Office 6601-3250 brian.mcadoo@yale-nus.edu.sg Professor and Rector
Monteiro Antonia Saga RC1-01-04L 6601-3418 antonia.monteiro@nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Ng Hui Khoon Saga RC1-01-04H 6601-3378 huikhoon.ng@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Ong Sheau Wei Elm RC2-02-04B sheauwei@yale-nus.edu.sg Research Fellow
Penprase Bryan E Elm RC2-01-01B 6601-3665 bryan.penprase@yale-nus.edu.sg Director, Centre for Teaching & Learning and Professor
Piel William Saga RC1-02-06C 6601-3356 william.piel@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Perrault Simon Tangi Cendana RC3-02-04G 6601-5253 simon.perrault@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Presolski Stanislav Cendana RC3-02-05E 6601-5246 stanislav.presolski@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Saranathan Vinodkumar Saga RC1-02-3D vinodkumar.saranathan@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Sheridan Jennifer Saga RC1-01-04C 6601-3697 jasheridan@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Smith David Andrew Cendana RC3-02-02C 6601-5249 dave.smith@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Stamps Matthew Saga RC1-01-03H 6601-5247 matt.stamps@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Tan Eunice Jingmei Elm RC2-M-01 6601-3414 ynctje@nus.edu.sg Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow
Tan Robby Cendana RC3-02-04L 6601-5250 robby.tan@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Tok Eng Soon NUS S13-03-06 6516-1192 phytokes@nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Tolwinski Nicholas Saga RC1-02-02C 6601-3092 nicholas.tolwinski@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Wertz Timothy Elm RC2-02-01E 6601-5277 tim.wertz@yale-nus.edu.sg Lecturer
Doraiswamy Tamilselvi Create, Innovation Wing, #06-11 6601-5124 selvi@yale-nus.edu.sg Laboratory Manager
Ng Li Fang 6601-3266 lifang.ng@yale-nus.edu.sg Laboratory Manager
Tan Bernard Science Blk, EC-03-18 6601-5125 bernard.tan@yale-nus.edu.sg Laboratory Manager
Chiang Winnie Science Blk, EC-03-18 6601-3663 winnie.chiang@yale-nus.edu.sg Senior Laboratory Executive
Aw Jia Hui Science Blk, EC-03-18 6601-4950 jiahui.aw@yale-nus.edu.sg Laboratory Executive
Poh Yan Hong Science Blk, EC-03-18 6601-3081 yanhong.poh@yale-nus.edu.sg Laboratory Executive
Sim Joo Huang Science Blk, EC-03-18 6601-5278 joohuang.sim@yale-nus.edu.sg Laboratory Executive


Division of Social Sciences

Family Name Given
Unit No. Tel No. Email Address Designation
Lau Renee Saga RC1-01-101 6601-5091 renee.lau@yale-nus.edu.sg Divisional Manager
Poon Victoria Saga RC1-01-101 6601-3704 victoria.poon@yale-nus.edu.sg Divisional Executive
Asplund Christopher Cendana RC3-02-02H 6601-3327 chris.asplund@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Bishop George D Elm RC2-02-01B 6601-2839 george.bishop@yale-nus.edu.sg Professor
Chan Elton Saga RC1-02-06B 6601-5289 elton.chan@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Cheng Yi-En yien.cheng@yale-nus.edu.sg Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow
Dennig Francis Elm RC2-01-01A 6601-5280 francis.dennig@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Driffill Edward John Cendana RC3-02-02B 6601-3325 john.driffill@yale-nus.edu.sg Visiting Professor
Ferzacca Steve Fredrick East Core EC-02-14C 6601-5086


Visiting Associate Professor
Gleason Nancy Webster Centre for Teaching and Learning RC2-M-01E 6601-3652 nancy.gleason@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Director, Centre for Teaching & Learning and Senior Lecturer
Hsu Angel Saga RC1-02-03A 6601-5282 angel.hsu@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Huang Chin Hao Cendana RC3-02-05K 6601-5290 chinhao.huang@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Jacobs Jane M Saga RC1-01-05X 6601-2820 jane.jacobs@yale-nus.edu.sg Director, Division of Social Sciences and Professor
Kelly John Saga RC1-01-03B 6601-3375 Visiting Professor
Kim Dong Jung Cendana RC3-02-04M 6601-5295 dj.kim@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Koch Gabriele Elm RC2-M-03 6601-5306 gabriele.koch@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Kulkarni Parashar Saga RC1-01-04E 6601-5296 parashar.kulkarni@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Lazar Nomi Cendana RC3-02-04D 6601-3960 nlazar@yale-nus.edu.sg Visiting Associate Professor
Lei Yu-Hsiang Cendana RC3-02-04N 6601-5543 yncleiy@nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Lemm Kristi Elm RC3-M-01F 6601-3170 ynclkm@nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Liu Jean Cendana RC3-02-05J 6601-3694 jeanliu@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Liu Yibei Elm RC2-02-01D 6601-3651 yibei.liu@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Maniates Michael Cendana RC3-02-04J 6601-3423 michael.maniates@yale-nus.edu.sg Professor
McHarry Kathryn Elm RC2-M-01 yncmke@nus.edu.sg Lecturer
Montefrio Marvin Saga RC1-02-06A 6601-5297 marvin.montefrio@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Mukherjee Rohan Cendana RC3-01-3C 6601-5292 rohan.mukherjee@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Nardin Terry Cendana RC3-01-03D tnardin@nus.edu.sg Professor
O’Keefe Paul A Saga RC1-01-04B 6601-3698 paul.okeefe@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Oliver Steven Matthew Saga RC1-01-02C 6601-3243 steven.oliver@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Paul Anju Mary Saga RC1-01-03N 6601-3267 anju.paul@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Riambau-Armet Guillem Cendana RC3-02-04C 6601-3380 guillem.riambau@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Saran Rene Saga RC1-02-03B 6601-3379 rene.saran@yale-nus.edu.sg Associate Professor
Sanger Catherine Cendana Rector’s Office 6601-3655 catherine.sanger@yale-nus.edu.sg Lecturer (Global Affairs) and Vice Rector
Schneider-Mayerson Matthew Elm RC2-M-08 6601-5283 schneider-mayerson@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Smith Nicholas Russell Elm RC2-01-01C 6601-5294 nick.smith@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Strange Stuart Earle Elm RC2-M-06 6601-5293 strange@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Toha Risa Saga RC1-01-03I 6601-5291 risa.toha@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Truelove Yaffa Elm RC2-02-04B 6601-5315 yaffa.truelove@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor
Xia Xing Saga RC1-01-04F 6601-5542 xing.xia@yale-nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor